Muro Box-20 Note

1st App-Controlled Mechanical Music Box in the Word
Let’s play the whole family’s memories in one music box!

US $475.00US $535.00 Tax is not included.

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Muro Box was a special gift for my wife. But now, we both couldn't been without it. the sound is so beautiful and if you play some relaxing sound - this is great the evening to calm and relax...
My favorite song to be played on the Muro Box is "Sunrise Avenue: thank you for everything". This song was arranged by the Muro Team, and it's just amazing! This song was part of the gift (to say on a special way "Thank you for everything" to my wife. Now, this is our most played song...


from Switzerland

Customer Reviews

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Eric Kiu
You have my undying support! 谢谢

Hello from Malaysia! Have well received the muro box and would like to thank you for coming out with such a beautiful product. I can tell you that all of us backers have received what would i think be an instant collectible! Hope we can get more products (and spare parts).

BUDIN Laurent
il est génial

Bonjour bien reçu mon muro
il est génial
merci de me tenir au courant quand vous allez sortir le nouveau muro avec les dièses et bémol

Katherine Woulfe
I wanted to say thank you to everyone involved for making such a wonderful product.

I personally learned a lot about how a product goes from idea to an actual physical item. The craftsmanship is clearly visible and that makes it even more special to me. Again Thank You all and have a safe and happy new year!

Mohammad Alkhateeb
I finally did my surprise reveal to my wife, so now I'm happy to share my experience

My wife, Lina, found the Muro Box after its Indiegogo campaign finished, but she wanted the Muro Box really badly. When it was available to purchase from the Muro Box website, she mentioned it to me, but I just brushed it aside pretending not to care. The special melody I used the Muro Box to play for her birthday surprise is “You’re My Sunshine”. I choose this song because I sing it to my wife when things are particularly bad and it makes her feel better. YouTube video placeholder
Emily Gvino
I highly recommend the Muro Box – it’s a lovely invention!

My dad purchased the Muro Box for me as a wedding present for my wedding in June 2019. The Muro Box came ready to play “You’ll Be in My Heart” by Phil Collins, our special song since I was a little girl. He would always play Phil Collins’ CD in the car; my dad, sister, and I would sing along, driving with the windows down in the summertime. We had every word memorized!