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Innovative Music Box Functions You Have Never Seen Before

Create your favorite melodies with Muro Box(programmable music box) APP

Compose Your Music

Our app allows you to create a new melody with just a few clicks. You can create a new song by doodling or following a music sheet to enter its notation in our app. 

Edit Your Playlists

You can upload unlimited melodies to our cloud library and create your own playlists for different occasions in your life!

Offline playlist: Play your favorite melodies in one playlist without using the app! Just push the knob of the Muro Box and it will start playing music right away!

programmable music box Muro Box - The Only App-Controlled Music Box in the World
The close shot of programmable music box Muro Box

Free Music Collections

We collaborate with the world’s largest online music box melody community: Music Box Maniacs (MBM). You can export the melodies from MBM to our app by scanning the QR code! 

Now, one Muro Box can play unlimited classical and modern melodies to recall memories from different eras!

Schedule Playtime

Let’s set up a morning call playlist with your favorite melodies to start a wonderful day!

You call also create a good-night playlist for your kids to get ready for bedtime stories!

programmable music box Muro Box with smart alarm function
programmable music box Muro Box with Wi-Fi remote control function

Wi-Fi Remote Control

Want to surprise your loved one ?

We let you control the music box to play the right melody at the right time even when you are far away from the music box. The app user and the music box can stay in different sites and connecting to different Wi-Fi sources. 

The Only App-Controlled Music Box in the World

Download our app to listen to the famous melodies shared by our global users and revoke memories from different eras!
The icon of Muro Box(programmable music box) APP

Muro Box

The World's Largest Music Box Online Community Provides Free Melodies for the Muro Box!

The rich melody collections of Music Box Maniacs (MBM) can be exported to the Muro Box via our app for free!

We Can Help You Create Customized Melodies For Your Muro Box!

Muro Box-N20 is a 20-note mechanical music box with the following limitations:

  1. It can only read single track MIDI files. WAV/MP3 files are not supported.
  2. Its comb’s music scale ranges from C3-A5 (diatonic scale): only the white keys on a piano are available.
  3. If the original music you wish to play on the Muro Box involves black keys, then you will need to shift its tones to fit the comb of Muro Box.

Our professional music arranger can help you keep the spirit of the original melody when creating its Muro Box version.

Read Our Global Customers’ Stories

The First User of programmable music box Muro Box in the US - Emily

Emily Gvino (the US)

My dad purchased the Muro Box for me as a wedding present for my wedding in June 2019. The Muro Box came ready to play “You’ll Be in My Heart” by Phil Collins, our special song since I was a little girl. He would always play Phil Collins’ CD in the car; my dad, sister, and I would sing along, driving with the windows down in the summertime. We had every word memorized!

Joeri van Rhijn (Netherlands)

I’m a member of the Dutch Pianola Association. There was an article of the Muro Box, and I decided almost directly to order this during its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign in 2020, because I love people who makes the World better with positive things (technic) and energy. “Te Deum’ of Charpentier” is the special melody I liked (and still like) in my youth, so I wished to play it on the Muro Box.

programmable music box Muro Box's user from Netherland. - Joeri

What's the difference between Muro Box N20 and N20 Lite?

The following are the same in both versions:

  1. Both use hard maple in the wood box 
  2. Mechanical movements/components are identical
  3. App-controlled functions for both versions are identical.
  4. Same 30 melodies in our Muro Box Official Playlist for you to listen as the default offline playlist. 
  5. Same music range for both versions: Our music arranger can create your own favorite melodies to play on both versions of Muro Box.

The sound quality sound similar. Welcome to watch the video to hear the side-by-side comparison.

The differences between the two versions are as follows:

  1. N20 Lite uses traditional DC power supply, while N20 Standard uses USB-C power supply.
  2. Only the N20 standard version has a USB-C MIDI input slot, allowing professional music players to connect their MIDI keyboard and computer for music creation. The N20 stand version also allows users who cannot use the APP to upload songs using a USB flash drive.
  3. The top wooden plate of the Resonance Box only matches with the N20 standard version’ wood box feet design. The N20 Lite version has 4 beautiful feet to show a elegant symmetrical design.
  4. The N20 Lite does not have a metal nameplate for customized laser engraving creations.
Exterior comparison of Muro Box-N20 Lite and Muro Box-N20.
On the left is the N20 Lite version of Muro Box, and it uses a traditional DC supply. On the right is the Muro Box N20 standard version, which can be identified with a metal nameplate and USB-C power.

Why We Release the Muro Box N20 Lite?

Muro Box N20 has been developed and revised many times since 2017 till now. We noticed that most of the music box lovers simply enjoy other users’ creations shared in our Muro Box app library.  Therefore, we decided to release the Muro Box-N2o Lite to cater to this majority users’ habit.

If you wish to purchase the Muro Box as a unique gift for an important person, we still suggest you buy the standard version of Muro Box N20 because it allows you to add customized laser-engraving content on the front metal nameplate.

In addition, the standard version has a USB-C MIDI input slot for you to play your own melodies directly from the USB flash. It allows your gift receiver to listen to the melodies you prepared when there is no WIFI connection or when he/she does not know how to use our app.

Muro Box-N20 Lite shares as many components of N20 standard version as possible in order to reduce the production cost. We hope to encourage more people to experience the charm of Muro Box in their daily life.

Is Muro Box-N20 Lite suitable for my need?

智慧音樂盒Muro Box的機芯排列在桌上,隨時準備組裝

We Ship Muro Box Worldwide!

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Muro Box-N20 Lite Specifications

Output Voltage 15V
Rated Electric Current 3A
Rated Power 45W
Input Voltage 90~264 VAC
Frequency Range 47~63 Hz
AC Electric Current(Typ.) 1A/115VAC;0.5A/230VAC
Muro Box
Operating Voltage 15V
Operating Current 2.5A
Product Size (mm) 135(W)x135(L)x105(H)
Weight (kg) 1.0
Figure showing the material of Muro Box
The founders (Dr. Feng and Dr. Tsai) of programmable music box Muro Box and their son, with the product Muro Box N20 in Dr. Feng's hand.

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