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One Mechanical Music Box
Plays All of Your Favorite Melodies.

All Memories in
One Music Box

See How It Works

The World’s First Programmable Music Box Movement

Break the 200+ years old music box industry’s limitation by using one music box to play unlimited melodies from different stages of your life.

Customized Melodies to Recall Your Precious Memories

A professional music arranger will edit the customized music box melody for your important moments, such as wedding proposal, and anniversary/birthday gift.

50,000+ Melody Collection for You to Select

Our global customers contribute new melodies daily via our app, you can find great melodies to save into your playlists every day.

The World’s Only App-Controlled Mechanical Music Box

Create your melodies, share your creation in the Muro Box community, edit your own playlists to play at different times. Use app features to enrich your life with surprises.

Muro Box Live Performance

Customer Creations

(Learn more about our French customer, Christophe Duquesne, who designed his own resonance box for the Muro Box.)

Muro Box Online Trial Service

We have a Muro Box-N20 Lite ready for your online test now!! This Music Box is located in Taiwan, and you are welcome to download our App to experience how it works in real life through our video live stream. You can upload your own MIDI file or browse other users’ creation. Just randomly pick some of them to play for fun! 

Premium Craftsmanship

The minimalist exterior design of Muro Box is made of one piece hard maple wood featuring its natural and unique grain. All metal movements including stainless steel damper under the vibration plate, powder metallurgy bearings and zinc alloy base.

The six years long product development journey brings to you the classical sound of a mechanical music box.

The Birth of Muro Box

It all began from an engineer’s garage startup project in 2016. Muro Box has been reviewed by global crowdfunding campaign backers from Taiwan (2018 Zec-Zec), US (2020 Indiegogo), Japan (2020 Green Funding), and Korea (2022 Wadiz). Now, the world’s only app-controlled mechanical music box is presented to you.

Tell Your Story with Music

We know how important this song meant to you, so we will carefully edit this melody to play on Muro Box in order to preserve your most unforgettable memory associated with this melody.

Play Your Own Melodies to Enrich Your Life.

Prepare a romantic surprise, add fun to your daily life, and recall the memories of your loved ones.

Wedding Proposal/ Birthday Gift/ Family Activity/ Old Time Memories/ Concentration Time/ Morning Alarm/ Bedtime Relaxation

A Music Box Should Play More Than One Melody


The World's Only App-Controlled Music Box

Experiencing the fun of creating melodies and sharing your creation with the world!

※App functions are the same for the Lite and Standard versions.

Recommended by Global Music Box Fans

Countries of Customers
Melodies in Our App

The World's Largest Music Box Online Community Provides Free Melodies for the Muro Box!

The rich melody collections of Music Box Maniacs (MBM) can be exported to the Muro Box App for free!

Read Our Global Customers’ Stories

Global Customers’ Sincere Recommendations

  • USA

    Emily Gvino

    My dad purchased the Muro Box for me as a wedding present for my wedding in June 2019. The Muro Box came ready to play “You’ll Be in My Heart” by Phil Collins, our special song since I was a little girl. He would always play Phil Collins’ CD in the car; my dad, sister, and I would sing along, driving with the windows down in the summertime. We had every word memorized!

  • Netherlands

    Joeri van Rhijn

    I’m a member of the Dutch Pianola Association. There was an article of the Muro Box, and I decided almost directly to order this during its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign in 2020, because I love people who makes the World better with positive things (technic) and energy. “Te Deum’ of Charpentier” is the special melody I liked (and still like) in my youth, so I wished to play it on the Muro Box.

  • France

    Christophe Duquesne

    I’m Christophe Duquesne, from La Voix du Luthier and Haken Audio. I’m an instrument maker, sound-designer and musician, and I love to associate acoustic and electronic sounds, merging skills from the past and the most recent technologies.

    The sound of the Muro Box is just perfect: you can really play your music box and integrate it in your own composition. And it is rock solid: I brought it to SynthFest France (I’m involved in its organization) and it was used by visitors for 3 full days without any issue.

  • Taiwan

    G.J. Lee

    My name is G.J. Lee, and I am currently devoted to teaching, performing and promoting Ukulele. The first time I knew Muro Box and its R&D team from Tevofy Technology Ltd. was during the first crowdfunding campaign period in Taiwan in 2018. I waited until 2020 to finally receive the first generation of Muro Box N20.

    Seeing the perseverance of their team in the pursuit of making music boxes into handicrafts and combining the convenience of modern technology to make more people willing to understand music boxes again, I think this spirit is very admirable.

  • Japan


    Hi, I’m Shawn from Lullatone. My wife Yoshimi and I make music as Lullatone. We’ve released a ton of albums and also record songs for films and videos.

    I’m a big fan of the Muro Box – the amazing electro-acoustic mechanical music box that lets you play your own melodies on its tines. You can connect MIDI keyboards, use their app or even send the notes to play from your DAW (like Ableton, etc). The new Resonance Box makes your music box melodies louder, deeper and richer. You can check out the videos I made with my own Muro Box here.

    Understand the Functional Differences Between the Lite and the Standard Versions

    Same: Both can use our APP to arrange melodies and use the same cloud music library.

    Different: The standard version has an USB MIDI input interface, allowing you to connect computers, flash drives, and external MIDI devices without WiFi connection.

    What other differences are there?

    Click the cards below to read our suggestions for your needs.

    Listen to Endless Music Box Melodies

    Enjoy family time with the melodies

    Customize the music box to present a meaningful gift

    Music Box as a musical instrument

    Have fun in creating music with your kids

    Why Doesn't the Music Box Have a Built-In Battery?

    Because the safety requirements for battery transportation are quite complicated, we decided not to use batteries from the initial design, so that the music box can be sent to as many countries as possible.

    If you need to carry the music box somewhere, the N20 standard version supports USB-C power bank, allowing you to easily take the music box wherever you go.

    Muro Box-N20 Lite Product Specification

    Muro Box-N20 Lite Product Specification
    Muro Box-N20 Product Specification

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    Extremely helpful customer service.

    I needed it shipped before Christmas and it came earlier that expected. Such beautiful workmanship. My som absolutely loves it! It is so beautiful and sounds wonderful! Thank you😊