Muro Box Global User Stories

Welcome to read our global customers' stories and listen to their favorite melodies.

My name is Jay E, I’m a diamond/multi-platinum and award-winning music producer from Saint Louis, Missouri, U.S.A. I have a few music boxes here in the studio that I would use to sample because I like the sound.

I think everyone knows the sound of a music box, it’s a sound that everyone can relate to, but a traditional music box isn’t flexible. I couldn’t play the melodies I was hearing in my head with a traditional music box. Having a Muro Box is handy, and makes my job in the studio way easier, because I can play exactly what I am hearing.

I’m Dr. Feng, the inventor of Muro Box.

In the mid-October, my cohort told me that our advisor, Wendi, would attend the alumni gathering of University of Rochester (UofR). Although I have left the US for years, most of my lab mates are still in the Bay Area.

I wished that I could be there with them when reading their group discussion about how to drive there, and everyone was looking forward to this gathering.

Then, I came up with an alternative way to join their gathering. I made a proposal that we send a Muro Box to our advisor. I engraved our university’s logo and our lab’s abbreviation “WCNG” (Wireless Communication and Networking Group) on the metal plate of the Muro Box.

My cohort agreed unanimously on the proposed idea.

Recently, there are several caring and passionate volunteers about to leave the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, where I belonged. I admire and appreciate these partners very much.

Due to the short preparation time, I was desperate in looking for a suitable gift to express my gratitude to those church friends.

My original expectation was to find a traditional music box that can play my melody and engrave some simple sentences.

To my surprise, I found the Muro Box website and started to get interested in it. Later, I found more videos of Muro Box produced by Youtubers and realized that it is a special gift.

Muro Box uses modern technology to bring brand new meaning to the classical music boxes. It also allows people like me, who are not familiar with the craftsmanship of making a music box movement, to present our creativity in creating customized melodies.

My name is G.J. Lee, and I am currently devoted to teaching, performing and promoting Ukulele. The first time I knew Muro Box and its R&D team from Tevofy Technology Ltd. was during the first crowdfunding campaign period in Taiwan in 2018. I waited until 2020 to finally receive the first generation of Muro Box N20.

During this long waiting period, I read their regular and detailed updates to report the actual production progress and experimental results. I found this company to be admirable. Music box is not a necessity in life, and nowadays many people are not familiar with it. Even though the product may not be profitable, they still did their best to strive for the better sound quality regardless of the high production cost.

Seeing the perseverance of their team in the pursuit of making music boxes into handicrafts, and combining the convenience of modern technology to make more people willing to understand music boxes again, I think this spirit is very admirable. Hence, as its first-time backer, I am willing to spend such a long time recording a second unboxing video, documenting the hard work and long time their team has spent on refining Muro Box. (The first unbox video was made in 2020 when I received it for the first time.)

As a little child, I had a “programmable” xylophone which was driven by a big cylinder with slidable pins. Unfortunately, I was very careless at that time and so the poor thing broke shortly after I got it. But, the concept of (programmable) music boxes was born in my mind and I always had fascination for the mechanism inside a toy music box.

I looked on the internet to see if something like that still was available, but didn’t find anything but programmable music boxes using a paper strip. Being a blind person, punching holes in a paper strip wasn’t really an option; so I was wondering if there was some other kind of programmable music box and all of a sudden, I discovered something called, ”Muro Box”…

When I was around 10 years old I came across a music box that worked with paper strips, and also fell in love with its sound, as it was much richer than the usual small music boxes. I promptly asked for one for my birthday, and got it.

I spent much of my allowance on preprinted music strips, which I still own – along with that music box.

Many of those songs on paper strips were really well made. It’s those strips that I’m now adding to the Muro Box library.

I remember it was a very unexpected chance when I saw the 2018 zeczec crowdfunding campaign of Muro Box. In fact, I have nothing to do with music creation. I decided to pre-ordered it as its backer simply because I was attracted by the mechanical structure of the music box.

I’m just a coffee fan, and the name of my coffee shop “Atti” comes from the first four letters of the English word for “attitude”.

Hi, I’m Shawn from Lullatone. My wife Yoshimi and I make music as Lullatone. We’ve released a ton of albums and also recorded songs for films and videos. 

I’m a big fan of the Muro Box – the amazing electro-acoustic mechanical music box that lets you play your own melodies on its tines. You can connect MIDI keyboards, use their app or even send the notes to play from your DAW (like Ableton, etc). The new Resonance Box makes your music box melodies louder, deeper and richer. You can check out the videos I made with my own Muro Box here.

In 2020-2021, we worked with a famous Japanese singer, Kyosuke Himuro, to release a limited special edition of Muro Box for celebrating his 60-year old birthday, and his fans pre-ordered 290 units of Muro Box in 1 month! Let’s read the comments from the contributors of this special collaboration project and listen to the Muro Box live performance from these Japanese customers’ unbox video posts.

I’m Christophe Duquesne, from La Voix du Luthier and Haken Audio. I’m an instrument maker, sound-designer and musician, and I love to associate acoustic and electronic sounds, merging skills from the past and the most recent technologies. 

The sound of the Muro Box is just perfect: you can really play your music box and integrate it in your own composition. And it is rock solid: I brought it to SynthFest France (I’m involved in its organization) and it was used by visitors for 3 full days without any issue.

I am Felipe Gutiérrez Álvarez, an elementary school music teacher at The American School Foundation in Mexico City. Tracey Bryan, the Elementary STEAM Coordinator invited me in to test the MuroBox she had requested after seeing it featured on an Indiegogo campaign. She knew that it would be a perfect addition to our resources because it blended mechanics with science and the art of making music. I was excited to see how it could enhance my music classes and immediately wanted to test it and determine how to combine our knowledge of mechanical tools and my music expertise to design the classes.

This is Josh Keeler from Page 2 Stage Music. I am one of the Muro Box Indiegogo campaign backers. I started writing charts for a music box that operated with a hand crank, paper strips and a troublesome hole punch! After that box broke, I eventually looked into finding a new music box on Music Box maniacs. That’s when I discovered the Muro Box Indiegogo campaign. Even though my old music box had more notes, I could see that the Muro Box was superior in many other ways: Speed, durability, range, song length and overall capabilities. The price needed a leap of faith that I don’t regret taking. I doubt future users will regret the purchase either. It was well worth the price and the wait! 

After writing several melodies for my own Muro Box, I discovered some tips to save time that I will be more than happy to share with other Muro Box users.

I’m a member of the Dutch Pianola Association ( ). There was an article of the Muro Box, and I decided almost directly to order this during its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign in 2020, because I love people who makes the World better with positive things (technic) and energy. “Te Deum’ of Charpentier” is the special melody I liked (and still like) in my youth, so I wished to play it on the Muro Box.

My dad purchased the Muro Box for me as a wedding present for my wedding in June 2019. The Muro Box came ready to play “You’ll Be in My Heart” by Phil Collins, our special song since I was a little girl. He would always play Phil Collins’ CD in the car; my dad, sister, and I would sing along, driving with the windows down in the summertime. We had every word memorized!

Mohammad Alkhateeb Purchased Muro Box as His Wife's Birthday Gift (Kuwait)

My wife, Lina, found the Muro Box after its Indiegogo campaign finished, but she wanted the Muro Box really badly. When it was available to purchase from the Muro Box website, she mentioned it to me, but I just brushed it aside pretending not to care.

The special melody I used the Muro Box to play for her birthday surprise is “You’re My Sunshine”. I choose this song because I sing it to my wife when things are particularly bad and it makes her feel better. 

Mohammad Alkhateeb

programmable music box Muro Box user from Kuwait. Holding Music Box.
Nick Chen Proposed to His Girl Friend with programmable music box Muro Box Playing Their Songs

Nick Chen Proposed to His Girl Friend with Muro Box Playing Their Songs (Taiwan)

I started to like listening to English songs because of my girl friend. I remembered that she gave me the first birthday surprise was to sing, “Proud of You” with other high school classmates in a  KTV in late evening when she was supposed to arrive home according to her parents’ rules…I want Muro Box to play this song and many other songs that recalled our shared memories.

Nick Chen

Wen-Yi Lo Bought 2 Muro Boxes as the Family Heirlooms for His Children (Taiwan)

Kevin Kern’s “Through the Arbor” was the bedtime music I used to play for my son and daughter. For our family, this music has special meaning, so I bought two Muro Boxes to preserve this memory for a lifetime for my children.

Dr. Wen-Yi Lo

Wen-Yi Lo Bought 2 programmable music boxes Muro Boxes as the Family Heirlooms for His Children

It is graceful to witness the development of Muro Box, such a great integration of antique with technology. I am so happy to finally receive the final product few weeks ago. Muro Box is well made with great quality on all of the tiny details. I can tell how much efforts, cares and love had been devoted into this music box.

It is a perfect gift to make our family life full of romance and surprise! Thank you, Muro Box!

Listen to the melodies composed by our first customer from Belgium!

“This is my first attempt to compose some music for the Muro Box. I wanted to try and make up a tribute to everyone who participated in the development of Muro Box; it's wonderful how I have been supported by this team as being a blind person (they made the app readable for me, they didn't mind about a survey I sent via mail instead of via the online survey, I received the user's manual in pdf so that I could read it better). Therefore, I picked some melodies that the Muro Box team has been demoing with and I tried to sequence them in chronological order. I realize there are still a lot of errors in my piece, but it's a first attempt and I hope everyone will enjoy it somehow.”
Geert Vanpee
Music arranger, Belgium

Are you curious to know how many music creators were inspired when music boxes became musical instruments?

Do you want to hear how the music box performs in different genres?

Curious about how Muro Box can blend in with other instruments?

The Muro Box combines the diversity and convenience of digital music arrangement and retains the analog music live performance method of traditional music boxes. When the familiar melody reverberates, the memories will unfold one by one.

Come and see how Muro Box can unleash your creativity.