The Birth of Muro Box

Our patented cylinder design and music cloud library allows you to control the “mechanical music box” via our mobile app. Program your own melodies and upload them via our app or using the MIDI input slot on the Muro Box.

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The Only App-Controlled Music Box in the World

Download our app to listen to the famous melodies shared by our global users and revoke memories from different eras!

Muro Box

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Patented Cylinder Design

Watch the video to discover the secret of the the Muro Box.
You will be surprised by its capability to play all of your favorite melodies in one music box.

Watch the Live Demo!

A blind music composer from Belgium created this meaningful melody to play on his Muro Box. This melody is called “The Muro Box Story”, and it combines the essence from 6 different melodies that were presented in the 4-year long product development journey of the Muro Box. 

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A musician is composing music box melody for Muro Box

Customized Melody Composing Service

We find an experienced music arranger to create a customized melody for you. Then, the Muro Box can preserve the precious memory for your loved one.

The World's Largest Music Box Online Community Provides Free Melodies for the Muro Box!

The rich melody collections of Music Box Maniacs (MBM) can be exported to the Muro Box via our app for free!

Press Reviews

"Muro is a retro-style cylinder music box you control with an app."
"Smart music box "Muro Box" that allows you to specify any song from your smartphone-even remote control its playing"
"Muro Box is a smart music box that plays more than one song."
"The humble music box gets a 21st century update."

How to Use the Muro Box?

In our FAQ page, we provide a series of tutorial videos to walk you through all of its settings on the app and even show you how to play music offline. We also gives you the key information to consider when composing your own Muro Box melodies.

The founders (Dr. Feng and Dr. Tsai) of Muro Box and their son, with the product Muro Box N20 in Dr. Feng's hand.

The Founders

“Using technology to connect people’s hearts” is our vision because we hope that technology not only brings us convenience in life, but also shortens the distance between people. Therefore, we invented the music box that can play your own memories. We hope the music box will become each family’s heirloom to preserve their own memories.

Product Development Journey

The Founder (Dr. Feng) was an experienced firmware engineer, and he has spent 4 years developing the world’s first app-controlled music box. Dr. Feng collaborated with the only manufacturer of music box movement in Taiwan in inventing the Muro Box. His Muro Box has attained the patent in the US, China and Taiwan and started to sell to regular customers around the world. 

Check out our story to learn more about the Muro Box's development journey.