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The World’s First App-Controlled Music Box
All Memories in One Music Box

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Redefining Music Box

Muro Box can play unlimited songs but still preserve the unique sound generated from our patented cylinder and comb design. With our mobile app and cloud library, now you can compose your own songs, edit unlimited playlists, and even schedule the playing time to surprise your loved one from a far distance!
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Brand New Design

Our patented cylinder has flexible pins to pluck the comb according to any programmed music. Muro Box can play many songs you like in one mechanical music box.

Create Your Melodies

Our app allows you to create and share your musical creation right away. Check out the video to learn three ways to create your own melodies
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Edit Your Playlists

You can upload unlimited melodies for various occasions in our music cloud library.

Your Smart Alarm

Wake up gently to your favorite music, and complete your work in a pleasant mood.
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WiFi remote control

Remote Control with WiFi

Want to give your loved one a warm surprise? Our WIFI connection between the app and Muro Box allows you to set up the play time of your special song from a far distance.

The World's First App-controlled Music Box

Explore various music box melodies shared by us and other users now!

Muro Box

Customize Music For You

Don’t know how to compose music? We help you find the experts to turn your favorite songs into cherished melodies to play on Muro Box. Welcome to email us:

Our Customers' Stories

Starting from 2019, customers around the world shared their unique memories about the Muro Box.

Press Reviews

"Muro is a retro-style cylinder music box you control with an app."
"Smart music box "Muro Box" that allows you to specify any song from your smartphone-even remote control its playing"
"Muro Box is a smart music box that plays more than one song."
"The humble music box gets a 21st century update."

The Founders

Our story began as graduate students in the U.S from Taiwan. My husband, Dr. Feng, graduated from University of Rochester and I graduated from “The Ohio State University.” A tiny music box we bought in Austria was the seed that inspired our dream. From there, we decided to integrate our expertise in engineering and education to begin our product development journey. Our vision is “Using technology to connect people’s hearts.”

Product Development Journey

We have spent three years developing the world’s first app-controlled music box that can play many songs you like. Check out our story to learn more about how a creative idea became an innovative product.

Our Team

Chen-Hsiang Feng

Founder & CTO

PhD. in Electrical Engineer, University of Rochester.

Senior Firmware engineer in Intel Headquarter, SiBEAM, Mimosa Network.

His startup journey is a must read for IoT professional/startup.

Shiao-Chen Tsai

Co-Founder & CEO

PhD. in Foreign and Second Language Education, The Ohio State University.

Her journey from teaching to technology inspired both school teachers and startup leaders.

Che-Ting Kuo

Software Engineer

Having a software/tool related problem? Che-Ting is the master to seek.

He can teach you how to do it with the most efficient and economical method.

Shu-Hung Huang

UI/UX Designer

Having difficulty in creating the user-friendly product/service?

Shu-Hung gives you the model to learn from his 13 years+ of experiences in UI/UX design.

Shi-Ming Chen

App Software Engineer

M.E. in Electrical and Computing Engineering(ECE), Michigan Tech. University

He was a  guitarist in a college band. He insists on having music in his work.

From an audio algorithm engineer in the IC industry to an app developer of a startup, his technology skills makes our music box more intelligent and interactive.

Yi-Shiun Chen

Hardware Production Engineer

His Japanese reading ability helps open our Japanese market. He purchases the materials for Muro Box, which includes more than 200 parts. 

He also does quality controls of those parts and arranges their production processes systematically.



Chen-Nung Tsai

Mechanical Hardware Engineer

He precisely measured and marked the size of each part of Muro Box in 3D illustrations to ensure the quality of our product in the production process. 

Thanks to his patience and profession in doing endless experiments, we can turn our prototype into a product.

We Are Hiring!

We are looking for new talents

If you are interested, please contact us:


How to Use Muro Box?

In our FAQ page, we provide a series of tutorial videos to walk you through all of its settings on the app and even show you how to play music offline. We also gives you key information to consider when composing your own Muro Box melodies.

Our Business Partner

"We, at, have been following Muro Box project from the very beginning and we enjoy it a lot. It is really exciting to witness how the classical music box idea is being redesigned with cutting edge technologies. Our service has already been integrated with the Muro Box app and we are looking forward to extending our partnership in the near future."
Rustam Zinurov
The Founder of Music Box Maniacs

Music Box Maniacs is the world's largest music box melody composing community.

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Facebook: Muro Box Global

Phone: (02) 2974-4649

Address: 1F., No. 16, Renci St., Sanchong Dist., New Taipei City 241, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Business Hours: Mon-Fri 10:00-17:00