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When you order a Muro Box before Feb 7th, we will give you a free melody of 2 minutes long plus a customized engraving service!

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Valentine's Day Limited Time Offer

【The Only App-Controlled Music Box in the World】Simply click on our app, create your own music box melodies in seconds. Save all of your melody collections in one music box.…

US $425US $880

Valentine's Day Limited Time Offer

If you do not intend to create your own music box melodies and only wish to collect great melodies shared by other users, the Lite version can serve your need.

US $335

The Resonance Box was designed to enrich the details of the sustaining sound effect of Muro Box N20, not just to amplify its volume, because the current volume of Muro…

US $150

We can help you engrave a meaningful message for your loved one. All you need to do is to provide the text and/or image you wish to present on the…

US $30US $60

Our professional music arranger can help you create a customized Muro Box melody and test it on Muro Box (the music box). Then, you can prepare a romantic surprise for…

US $40

Customized Sankyo Branded 18 note and 23 note music box movement made by Kyooh Precision Industry Co., LTD in Taiwan.

US $920US $1,470

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Happy 6nth Birthday

在即將邁入60歲時,正想著給自己一個當作紀念的禮物時,剛好看到在電腦前在小樽買的音樂盒,雖然我不懂音樂,但就是喜歡音樂盒的聲音與轉動時彈片的彈動感覺,因此就想買一個在小樽看到的大一點的音樂盒(當初覺得價格有點高),於是就上網找,找著找著忽然看到Muro Box智慧音樂盒,上網瞭解後,覺得就是這個,只是只有標準版才有刻字服務,Lite版沒有,對於我而言Lite版就符合我所需,於是就試著與Muro Box團隊聯繫問看看Lite版可不可以刻字?該團隊很快就回覆說有試著在木頭上雷雕,只是尚未確定,這樣覺得沒有刻字,就不夠紀念性,只有繼續找,沒想到幾天後該團隊說可以了,問我要刻甚麼字,可以先做一個示意圖看看,於是60歲的生日禮物就出現在桌上了,音樂盒的包裝保護很好,打開時我老婆說好好看的音樂盒,播放音樂聲音也好好聽,直說過幾年她60歲也要一個,這要感謝Muro Box團隊,能讓我有一個60歲專屬於我的生日禮物。



app資料庫裡音樂多元,可以從中挑選,組織成自己風格的歌單,我喜歡把Muro Box放在不同材質的平面使用,當睡前我在書房準備明日工作的各項瑣事,放在地毯會有最舒服的音量;平日要把孩子叫醒,就放在共鳴良好的木質平面,播放孩子目前最愛的柯南主題曲,聲音真是非常響亮呢!
用小方法,讓這個本質是以物理方式發聲的音樂盒改變音色 <3




Muro Box N20 | Play Unlimited Melodies You Love on a Mechanical Music Box

Muro Box was a special gift for my wife. But now, we both couldn't been without it.

The sound is so beautiful and if you play some relaxing sound - this is great the evening to calm and relax...
My favorite song to be played on the Muro Box is "Sunrise Avenue: thank you for everything". This song was arranged by the Muro Team, and it's just amazing! This song was part of the gift (to say on a special way "Thank you for everything" to my wife. Now, this is our most played song...

oh boy did i choose challenging songs (without even knowing it!)

so, my wife and i met in the mid-80s. it quickly became apparent what "our song" was. it was everywhere that summer. now, it wasn't exactly what you'd think of as your standard romantic, stars-in-the-eyes, love song. it was/is "Every Breath You Take" by the Police. Irony or no, it became the music of "us." When i contacted MuroBox and asked if one of their arrangers could make it into a music box MIDI i wasn't sure what they'd say ("are you crazy?!" "impossibly complex!" came to mind). Then i had the outrageous fortune to get to work with the astonishingly talented, caring, meticulous Ms. Liu. She worked so hard to make this lovely song into a lovely birthday present for my wife. i was so impressed with her work that i asked if she'd be willing to do another equally tricky song for valentines day (a scant 3 days after her birthday!). no hesitation, no question, she produced another award winner. There were tears, there were smiles, and many, many kisses. The murobox team are my idea of what an excellent company is/can/ and should be!

當初是在FaceBook上看到Muro Box的!

我喜歡Muro Box的原因是它可以把自己喜歡聽的音樂,用這個音樂盒來播放!我希望Muro Box可以演奏 “放心去飛" 這首歌曲。








謝謝您的建議。目前Muro Box 官網與Muro Box APP設定的產品說明連線步驟都有備註需要連接2.4G網路不能連到5G的說明,只有先前賣出的產品包裝盒內的說明書,因為已經出貨來不及加上備註,所以造成您連線實驗較久請見諒。


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기념일 선물이나 부모님께 선물드리면 정말 좋은 제품입니다.
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뮤로박스 팀원들도 정말 친절하고 좋아요

This is a true labor of love

I cannot believe that this item actually does what it says. And it truly works. Most other failed things that i back did not go well. Murobox always gave updates during construction, and trust is a thing you can never return if it was broken.
I was given great laser engraving. The music box sound was really well. My 2 children loves it. And i really like the songs that people make. I vannot compose on my own, so it is a very good thing.
All i can say is that unlike all the other crowdfunding campaign that said they are unique, which most likely not, this is truly a unique item. Buy. You won't regret trusting this company. I have experience because i am a superbacker in kickstarter.

뮤로박스 정말 좋아요 !

원하는 노래를 오르골로 듣고 싶다는 꿈을 드디어 이루었습니다. 저는 일반 오르골의 높은 음정을 생각하였으나 뮤로박스는 깊이있고 낮은 음색을 들려줍니다. 이 또한 매력이라고 생각합니다. 뮤로박스 적극 추천합니다 !

If i could give them more stars, I WOULD!

What wonderful people running a wonderful customer-based company! Even though I messed up and didn't order my Muro Box until far too late, these incredibly caring people listened to my plight and got it to me before my wife's birthday! I've been watching Muro Box's growth for several years now, waiting eagerly to buy one for her (the love of my life and wife of 39 years). We have several songs that are 'our songs' from all the different times we've shared, but, we do have a couple of songs that are 'our songs' from those glorious, golden, first days when we couldn't stand to be apart for an hour -- running into each other's arms the second those minutes had passed! When we recently found out that I have stage IV cancer I became painfully aware that there probably just a few birthdays left when I can give her something as special as this Muro Box playing those songs that take us back to those magical first days. I can't say anything more profound than I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this one so very special for her.

You have my undying support! 谢谢

Hello from Malaysia! Have well received the muro box and would like to thank you for coming out with such a beautiful product. I can tell you that all of us backers have received what would i think be an instant collectible! Hope we can get more products (and spare parts).

il est génial

Bonjour bien reçu mon muro
il est génial
merci de me tenir au courant quand vous allez sortir le nouveau muro avec les dièses et bémol

I wanted to say thank you to everyone involved for making such a wonderful product.

I personally learned a lot about how a product goes from idea to an actual physical item. The craftsmanship is clearly visible and that makes it even more special to me. Again Thank You all and have a safe and happy new year!

I finally did my surprise reveal to my wife, so now I'm happy to share my experience

My wife, Lina, found the Muro Box after its Indiegogo campaign finished, but she wanted the Muro Box really badly. When it was available to purchase from the Muro Box website, she mentioned it to me, but I just brushed it aside pretending not to care. The special melody I used the Muro Box to play for her birthday surprise is “You’re My Sunshine”. I choose this song because I sing it to my wife when things are particularly bad and it makes her feel better.

I highly recommend the Muro Box – it’s a lovely invention!

My dad purchased the Muro Box for me as a wedding present for my wedding in June 2019. The Muro Box came ready to play “You’ll Be in My Heart” by Phil Collins, our special song since I was a little girl. He would always play Phil Collins’ CD in the car; my dad, sister, and I would sing along, driving with the windows down in the summertime. We had every word memorized!

Good Product. Worth every penny

I’m a member of the Dutch Pianola Association ( ). There was an article of the Muro Box, and I decided almost directly to order this during its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign in 2020, because I love people who makes the World better with positive things (technic) and energy. “Te Deum’ of Charpentier” is the special melody I liked (and still like) in my youth, so I wished to play it on the Muro Box. YouTube video placeholder
Like a dream come true

If you like music boxes, this one should be for you. It's simple to use, has (except for a little bit of resonance) a very beautiful sound and every single melody I let Muro Box play gives me a thrill (because it's so amazing that I can make up the melody myself for Muro Box to play). Even if you are blind just like me, don't worry; if you are an Android user, the app already is accessible; if not, I am sure the team is willing to help to try and make it usable for you. I am very happy with this little music box and I am sure I will get very much enjoyment out of it for a very long time!