Music Box Customized Engraving Service

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Terms of Services

A Lifetime Memory Stamp

Select a meaningful sentence, add an important date or pattern next to it, then we can engrave your design on the metal plate and wood box to present your best wishes for him/her.

Before Making a Purchase

The engraving service fee is charged by the times of designing the layout for your customized engraving content.

If you order two Muro Boxes and wish to present the identical engraving content on your two Muro Boxes, we will only charge you one time service fee for your customized engraving request.

The Steps to Complete Your Customized Laser Engraving

Step 1

Pay in Our Store

Keep your Order Number for the Payment of Customized Laser Engraving Service

Step 2

Complete a Survey

We will contact you to submit a survey to complete the details of your design. You can upload image in the survey.

Step 3

Confirm Your Design

When our designer completes the draft according to your request, we will email ( you to check the quality before we start laser-engraving the design on your Muro Box.

Step 4

Get Your Music Box

Your Muro Box will be shipped with customized metal plate.


How Long It Takes for Completing the Laser Engraving Service

  • Receive the Survey after You Check Out 0-1 Day
  • Review and Revise the Design Draft 1-2 Days
  • Complete Engraving and Packaging 2-3 Days
  • Get Your Music Box Varies on Shipping Terms

★ The estimated workdays for preparing your shipment do not include regular holidays and weekends.

★ After confirming the engraving content, further modification will no longer be accepted.

★ If you do not reply timely to confirm the laser engraving layout, the delivery date will be postponed after the review process is completed.

FAQs about Customized Engraving Requests

Size of the Engraving




Attention: Only the circled area of the metal plate can add your own content to engrave.

If you wish to present a meaningful image on it, please provide a reference image. We will not create an image out of your abstract description nor edit an image to capture its outline. If your engraving request has an image included, it may take extra two days to complete your order in order to wait for your email reply to approve the draft.

Language Options and Font Style


You can pick the language you want if it is not in English. We also select three English text fonts for you to choose if you want to engrave it in English.

Attention: We will follow your entry in creating the layout, such as how to break the sentence, use upper- and lower-case letters as well as punction marks.

Acceptable File Formats

If you want to engrave both an image and text, please upload your image for designing the customized engraving content in the survey. The image must be at least 300dpi, or 1,400 pixels wide and 600 pixels in height.

Acceptable file format: JPG or PNG.

Attention: Please do not use grey scale image, image with blocks of different colors, and the outline of the image cannot be too dense. Otherwise, the engraving result will not be clear.

How to Submit of My Design

We will contact you shortly after you purchase the engraving service. Here is the link of the surveys for your reference:

Metal Plate:

Wood Box:

Customer Reviews

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Daniel W.
Engravings are the perfect finishing touch to personalize your Muro Box

I had both engravings (on the metal plate and wooden box) for my proposal to my then-girlfriend (now fiancée). The engravings were spectacular and the process was fast and easy - I recommend it wholeheartedly without any reservations. If you're on the fence about it, I would say: go for it. Every Muro Box is a special gift and a work of art, playing the tunes that are close to your heart. Having a customized engraving is the finishing touch that completes that vision, and I am so glad to have had it. It sparks joy every time I look at it!

The process was simple and the customer support superb. I tried two different ways of supplying the design. For the metal plate engraving, I sent a vector image of my design and Shiao-Chen not only understood it, but suggested an improvement to my design - no further iteration was necessary. I used both English & Chinese. For the wood engraving, I gave them the text (a short Bible verse) and described how I wanted it, and then I did a little back-and-forth iteration (with Shiao-Chen sending me previews at each step.

If you want someone to help you realize your design, they're great at doing it — and if you are able to supply them your design in Illustrator/JPG/PNG, that makes things even quicker. Tip: for those without Adobe Illustrator, you can try making your design in Powerpoint/Keynote, saving as PDF and rename the .PDF to .AI. PDFs do open in Illustrator.

Working with this company was a joy. I had never experienced this level of care and service from a company, and was pleasantly surprised at how involved the company CEO is in day-to-day operations. For many companies, customer service is an afterthought; but the Muro Box team wins over the hearts of its customers with their care and thoughtfulness. Shiao-Chen even wrote a sweet congratulatory card to my fiancée and I.