Customized Engraving Service on Metal Plate

We can help you engrave a meaningful message for your love one. All you need to do is to provide the text and/or image you wish to present on the metal plate of the Muro Box, and we can create a customized engraving metal plate for your Muro Box!

Attention: The customized engraving service needs to be purchased together with at least one Muro Box-N20.
The  engraving service fee is charged by the times of designing the layout for your customized engraving content. If you order two Muro Boxes and wish to present the identical engraving content on your two Muro Boxes, we will only charge you one time service fee for your customized engraving request

US $20.00

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Muro Box was a special gift for my wife. But now, we both couldn't been without it. the sound is so beautiful and if you play some relaxing sound - this is great the evening to calm and relax...
My favorite song to be played on the Muro Box is "Sunrise Avenue: thank you for everything". This song was arranged by the Muro Team, and it's just amazing! This song was part of the gift (to say on a special way "Thank you for everything" to my wife. Now, this is our most played song...


from Switzerland