Our Story - The Product Development Journey of Muro Box

We developed Muro Box, the world's first app-controlled mechanical music box to play all of your cherished memories in one music box.Welcome to read our product development journey stage by stage!

This story shows why we decided to move back to Taiwan after having a startup dream in the US, and how we found the market potential of innovating a mechanical music box with modern technology.

Dr. Feng shares his maker’s story, which records how a firmware engineer, without any prior knowledge in mechanics, designed Muro Box from scratch. This story focuses on the design process of the mechanical part of Muro Box from zero to one.

After the mechanical design was settled down, we spent a lot of time designing the prototypes to preserve the unique resonance of the traditional music box. This story demonstrates how constructive feedback from potential customers helped us design the prototypes of Muro Box in 2017-2018.

We have studied users’ needs and habits carefully when designing our mobile app for Muro Box, the world’s first “app-controlled” music box. This story explains how our UI designer and music composers helped us define and refine the features in developing our app.

After the first crowdfunding success, we have collaborated with  factories to refine each part of Muro Box in order to enhance its sound quality. This story records the various obstacles we overcame when producing Muro Box, a smart but sophisticated music box.

We designed a secret device, “the pin stopper,” to maintain the sustaining sound effect of Muro Box. With this special device, Muro Box can play unlimited fast melodies and keep each note sound longer. This story explains why designing a good pin stopper is a great challenge.

Muro Box, the world’s first app-controlled music box, is developed and produced in Taiwan.

You may not know that, in the past, about 40 percent of music box movements in the world were actually made in Taiwan.

The function of the metal base in Muro Box is to “conduct” the vibration from comb to the wooden box. It significantly affects the sound quality, therefore, the material, size, shape, and thickness of the metal base went through a series of experiments.