Meet the Founders​

Dr. Feng and Dr. Tsai

Our story began as graduate students in the US from Taiwan. My husband, Dr. Feng, graduated from University of Rochester and I graduated from “The Ohio State University.” A tiny music box we bought in Austria was the seed that inspired our dream. From there, we decided to integrate our expertise in engineering and education to begin our product development journey. Our vision is “Using technology to connect people’s hearts.”

Dr. Chen-Hsiang Feng graduated from University of Rochester in Spring 2013. His advisor is Wendy Heinzelman (on the left in the photo).

The CTO's Role in the Product Development Journey

I’m Dr. Feng, a firmware engineer who worked in San Jose, California  in in the United States before inventing Muro Box. I designed Muro Box, the world’s first app-controlled music box from scratch, because I hope it can play everyone’s unique memories. During this product development journey, I not only faced endless frustration but also found unexpected resources in Taiwan. Do you want to know why Muro Box is an incredible technology invention that has solved the 200 years old problem in music box industry? Welcome to read our stories to learn more about our endless experiments in hardware design, app development and production for bring Muro Box to life.

The CEO's Role in the Product Development Journey

I’m Dr. Tsai, an English teacher and academic English writing consultant before running the startup company with my husband, Dr. Feng. In our stories, you can find how we decided to run a startup company together with our different expertise: education and engineer. As a CEO, I had to take care of everything unrelated to engineering and technology in order to help Dr. Feng concentrate on solving the technical problems. My work duties included human resources, customer services, marketing, sales and public relations. These were new challenges to me, but I had to learn everything efficiently to help our company grow. Welcome to read our stories to see how we overcame various obstacles step by step when welcoming our first baby and first product to the world in the same year: 2018. 

Dr. Shiao-Chen Tsai graduated from the Ohio State University (OSU) in 2017.Dr. Tsai and Dr. Feng were standing in the main library of OSU.

Meet Our Team

Chen-Hsiang Feng

Founder & CTO

PhD. in Electrical Engineer, University of Rochester.
Senior Firmware engineer in Intel Headquarter, SiBEAM, Mimosa Network. His startup journey is a must read for IoT professional/startup.

Shiao-Chen Tsai

Co-Founder & CEO

PhD. in Foreign and Second Language Education, The Ohio State University.Her  journey from teaching to technology inspired both school teachers and startup leaders.

Che-Ting Kuo

Software Engineer

Having a software/tool related problem? 
Che-Ting is the master to seek help. He can teach you how to do it with the most efficient and economic method.

Shu-Hung Huang

UI/UX Designer

Having difficulty in creating the user-friendly product/service?
Shu-Hung gives you the model to learn from his 13 years+ of  experiences in UI/UX design.

Company Introduction

Company Name: Tevofy Technology Ltd. 酷鳩科技有限公司
Date of Establishment: 2016/03/29.
Founders: Chen-Hsiang Feng & Shiao-Chen Tsai


-Official Shipping to Backers from
-The second crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo (Coming Soon)


– Started the Durability Tests of Muro Box
– Muro Box was reported by TechCrunch as a retro-style cylinder music box you control with an app


– The first crowdfunding success on ZecZec (2 million NTDs)
– Started the Pilot Run Production Stage


– Muro Box Facebook Page Established: Muro Box Global
– The first prototype of Muro Box was born


– Started the idea of Muro Box from scratch
– Visited music box stores and factories in Taiwan

Want to Contact Us?

Please fill out the short customer service form in our website or leave us a Facebook message in our fan page: Muro Box Global.

We will reply your question or suggestion during our office hours in Taiwan: 9am-5pm (TPE time)