Use Muro Box to Welcome Customers to My Coffee Shop

Jian-Hao Lin

I was attracted by the mechanical structure of the music box

I remember it was a very unexpected chance when I saw the 2018 zeczec crowdfunding campaign of Muro Box. In fact, I have nothing to do with music creation. I decided to pre-ordered it as its backer simply because I was attracted by the mechanical structure of the music box.

I’m just a coffee fan, and the name of my coffee shop “Atti” comes from the first four letters of the English word for “attitude”.

I like to design and make my own appliances for my coffee shop. Watching the Muro box team find problems, overcome difficulties, and revise it all the way to this day. In fact, it is quite touching, after all, I am also a maker who strives to refine my design day after day. For me, it’s okay to even hear a little bit of mechanical gear sound! This is the characteristic of a real mechanical music box playing live music!

Atti店面裡智慧音樂盒Muro Box與工作中的老闆林建豪
Atti咖啡廳老闆的Muro Box歌單

I rely on other professional users to share their melodies in the Muro Box app's library

Regarding music creation, of course, I am not familiar with music composition at all. However, I can still rely on other professional users who are willing to share their melodies on the Internet or in the Muro Box app’s library. But seriously, if you don’t understand music like me, just use the built-in music composer function in the Muro Box. You can still enter the notes one by one to create simple melodies, which will give you a sense of achievement easily when hearing the Muro Box play the notes you entered.

In the past before I got the Muro Box, music boxes always gave me an unrealistic feeling (too romantic, I think). It’s like a dream, but it has no practical functions in daily life. Now, the Muro Box actually bridges the gap between practical functions and romantic atmosphere, and watching the notes you choose or compose playing from the Muro Box is a special and wonderful experience.

if you want to play the Muro Box when you come to Kaohsiung, Taiwan, please contact me through my Facebook Fan Page.

Now, my Muro Box is used in multiple places during my coffee shop’s business hours. When the store opens and is about to close at the end of the day, it will play different playlists. I also use Muro Box to play breaktime music whenever I have an event/class in my shop. For the simple break time melody, my own music creation works well. Using the Muro Box as a smart music alarm gives the store an unexpected refreshing and pleasant atmosphere.

The song I chose for the store’s open time is Mozart Piano Sonata in C major K545 1st mov, and this upbeat song is one of the 30 free classical songs officially provided by the Muro Box team in their official playlist.

For the pre-class reminder melody, I chose the song “Fly me to the moon”, and this melody was uploaded by 康弘 (Kang Hong), a Taiwanese customer of Muro Box. For the good night melody before my shop closes, I chose Chopin-Etude Op.10 N0.3, and it is also included in the official playlist provided by the Muro Box.

If you are interested in getting to know my coffee shop and coffee classes, or if you want to come to my store to play the Muro Box when you come to Kaohsiung, Taiwan, please contact me through my Facebook Fan Page:

"We love the atmosphere of music. It was as if time had been put temporarily on hold"

Jian-Hao Lin