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Muro Box gives you the freedom of composing your own melodies and allows you to play a lifetime of memories in one mechanical music box. Muro Box has flexible pins on the cylinder to pluck the comb according to your programmed music. There is no capacity limitation on how many melodies you can upload to your music cloud library. Now, you can create as many playlists as you want to play your favorite melodies for different occasions.

There is no limitation on how many minutes that you can listen to music. But for better machine life and to maintain, it is recommended that you not to use it over 1 hour at a time. When the device is too warm, please turn it off for more than 15 minutes before using it again. Also by default, the maximum duration/length per song is set up at 30 minutes long to prevent your cell phone overload. Our product uses WIFI instead of bluetooth for connecting app and Muro Box, so you can use our app as a remote controller to play the meaningful music for your family even when you are not at home. What’s more, you can enjoy the whole song performed by a music box without keep turning the switch button.

With our patented cylinder design and the music cloud library, Muro Box can play infinite songs in just one music box. Now, you can choose or compose your own songs and schedule their play time on its mobile app. There is no limitation of how many playlists you can create and no limitation on how many songs you can put into one playlist.

Please note that Muro Box should be connected to the Internet when you update the playlist or upload your own compositions to the app. Otherwise, the songs stored on the offline playlist can be played without Internet connection!

In addition, we have already downloaded more than 30 offline melodies on your Muro Box. Those melodies include well-known classical music, original music, and children’s songs. You can get access to them simply by downloading our app “Muro Box” in App Store or Google Play.

We support both iOS and Android apps. Welcome to download it for free!
Attention: Android needs to be 5.0 or newer version; iOS needs to be 9.0 or newer version.

The procedures for the first-time use are as follows.

  1. Register an account after downloading our Muro Box app.
  2. Connect your Muro Box device with the app on your smartphone via WIFI/mobile’s hotspot.
  3. Choose the music you want to play on Muro Box from the playlists already in the front page or create your own playlists.
  4. When choosing to upload music to create your own playlist, please make sure that your music format is midi and the music range can fit the current 20-note Muro Box, which uses a diatonic scale: C3-A5 (C4-A6 in American Standard). If a song contains some notes beyond this range, those notes will be skipped so the music will sound differently.

The songs of Muro Box are stored in the music cloud library. You can edit a melody and play it on our app before sending it Muro Box. There are two things to check before you upload your music to our music cloud library.

(1) The formation of song needs to be MIDI.
Please make sure that your file is MIDI. What’s MIDI? When importing your MIDI file via our app, it will  only read the first track, and the extra tracks will not be imported.

(2) The scale of your song needs to match with the comb of Muro Box.
According to the Music Instrument Digital Interface(MIDI), the scale of Muro Box is between C3 to A5 (C4-A6 in American standard), so it includes about 2.5 octaves. Please notice that the 20-note Muro Box uses a diatonic scale (not including sharp and flat). 

In 2022, we will start to develop a 40-note Muro Box (A3-C7) to include flats and sharps for music professionals and music box maniacs. If you are interested in getting a 40-note Muro Box, please sign up our email for Muro Box N40 via this form. We will send you a monthly update to report our product development status and collect your feedback for our design. 

(3) We set up the maximum duration/length per song is 30 minutes long to prevent your cell phone overload.

(4) Muro Box N20 can play as fast as 4 beats per second for the same note, which means consecutive eight notes at BPM 120. When there is any note that is faster than the above speed limitation, it will be skipped by our firmware so the Muro Box N20 will not play it. The basic unit of notes in Muro Box is eighth note (quaver). Muro Box allows 7 notes to be plucked at the same time as the maximum.

If you need customized music composing service to play on Muro Box, please contact us by email or Facebook.

Muro Box needs electricity to play music. The first generation of Muro Box (for zeczec backers) uses  a 12V DC power supply in the package, and the second generation of Muro Box (for Indiegogo backers) uses a 15DV USB-C power supply. We will provide the correct power cord to our backers according to their shipping countries. Please notice that Muro Box is a highly-sensitive electronic instrument. To avoid the damage in circuit, please only use the adapter provided by Muro Box.

Due to the restriction of hardware, the first generation of Muro Box can only connect with one device (phone). If you would like to change the device connected with it, please follow the pairing instructions in your app.

We provide 1-year limited warranty, which applies on the body of Muro Box but does not include the attachments. The warranty period starts from the date we start to ship your Muro Box. This warranty covers only defects in material or workmanship under normal use during the warranty period. Please also notice that warranty will be void once you open the body of Muro Box.

We also provide 3-year limited maintenance. Shipping and handling charges may apply except where prohibited by applicable laws. This limited product warranty is valid only where the products are sold by our company or through its authorized retailer or local agent.

For individual customers, please visit our store to place your order directly.

For B2B distributors, please submit a survey response here to help us know you more and discuss a B2B sale price for your company.  

We know that making the music box movement become a DIY module for people to design their own boxes will attract many makers. However, at this early stage, we try to control its performance and stability first for building product’s reputation, so we cannot allow customers to purchase the mechanical part alone. Any mistake in assembling the box may interfere its music playing performance and even demange its hardware.

To avoid potential negative feedback due to inappropriate assembling process, we cannot sell Muro Box without its wooden case. However, after our product is mature enough for developing a DIY module, we will definitely share this news with our fans.

The product specifications of Muro Box-N20: 

Output Voltage: 15V
Rated Electric Current: 3A
Rated Power: 45W
Input Voltage: 90~264 VAC
Frequency Range: 47~63 Hz
AC Electric Current(Typ.): 1A/115VAC;0.5A/230VAC

Muro Box N20:
Operating Voltage: 15V
Operating Current: 2.5A
Product Size (cm):
Length: 13.5 cm (5.3”)
Width: 13.5 cm (5.3”)
Height: 10.5 cm (4.1”)
Weight: 1 kg (2.2lb)
Power Chord Length: 1.5m (4.9ft.)

Our team has reached a consensus that we will open API in the future, but for now it will be closed API. We want the system get tested from our early customers before release the API to the public. Our system use RESTful api and MQTT, which is standard like most other IoT platforms.

Muro Box can read midi files, but you will need to export your midi file and then upload it to your smart phone or the Internet to get an url for Muro Box app to open it. For the music upload procedure, please check out our  app tutorials from here:https://murobox.com/en/app-tutorial/

Since 2021, we release a new model of the Muro Box to include the MIDI input slot on its wood box. Now, you can simply connect your Muro Box with a MIDI keyboard or a laptop, or a USB drive via this USB-C MIDI input slot on Muro Box. The backside of Muro Box has 2 USB-C slots: One slot is for power input and the other slot near the knob is for MIDI input.

Check out this tutorial to learn the details of how you can use the MIDI input slot on the Muro Box. 

Note: MIDI input slot is an attribute that you can select from the product’s option menu. Welcome to check it out in our store.

So far, we only the 20-note version of Muro Box available for sales with two colors of wood box. Please view image of these two colors in our store and product page.

Our design concept is to present the beauty of mechanical movement as the key attraction of music box. Welcome to watch this video to better understand our current design.