11. How to Export Music from Music Box Maniacs to Muro Box

Stage 1: On your PC

Step1: Go to musicboxmaniacs.com
Step2: Click “Explore” on the top bar and choose “Grand Illusion/Muro Box 20” or “Kikkerland 15” from the drop-down menu “All-types” (Please note that only the melodies categorized in “Grand Illusion/Muro Box 20” and “Kikkerland 15” can fit the current version ( 20-note version) of Muro Box’s music range.)
Step3: Select your favorite music and click on the name of that music
Step4: Click on “Export” on the top right corner , select “Muro Box” on the top bar and you will see a QR code

Stage 2: On your smartphone/ tablet

Step1: Open our app “Muro Box” and click on “Compose” on the bottom bar

Step2: Press “+” on the upper-right corner and then you will find “QR code”

Step3: Scan the QR code that you found on MBM website with this QR code scanner

Step4: Name this new melody and it’s done! ( Fill the required sections that show red text. )

Now, let’s explore the music you may like from Music Box Maniacs: https://musicboxmaniacs.com/

You can download our free Muro Box app from App Store and Google Play now. Simply search “Muro Box” on your smart phone in App Store or Google Play, and then you will be able find it for free download.

Our app supports 5 languages: English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and German.