Muro Box Customized Melody Composing Service Form (English)

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Please fill in the information for the melody you want in this survey. We will contact the music arranger to evaluate it first and email you the result. If the music arranger says that the requested melody cannot be edited well to play on the Muro Box, we will ask you to change your requested melody.

You will need to pay the music composing service fee ($40USD for each 2 minutes long melody) first to the Muro Box team before you can receive a draft for review. Each melody request will include 2 rounds of review and revision. We will send you a MP3 version of your requested melody for review first via email, after you approve this version, then we email you the final version in MIDI format to play on the Muro Box.

Attention: If you only submit a melody request via this survey but you do not pay the service fee to the Muro Box team, you will not receive your melody in MP3 format nor in MIDI format.

Muro Box Team
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4. Which model of Muro Box is designated for the arranged composition this time?
N40 has 40 notes with semi-tones; N20 has 20 notes without semi-tones.
Max. file size: 10 MB.
For example: 01:38-3:38  (If your melody is way over 2 minutes long, the music composer may ask for more service fee.)

8. Please indicate whether you agree: Before our company arranges the musical composition based on the audio file or reference video provided by you, you are responsible for verifying the music copyright and the authorized usage scope on your own.Required
If you do not agree to this term, we will be unable to provide you with customized arrangement services.

If you are not sure which email you used. You do not need to enter it here.