Connecting Muro Box with a USB Flash Drive/MIDI Keyboard

Muro Box uses a USB Type C slot for receiving the MIDI input.

*If you want to use USB Type A to connect the Muro Box, please prepare an adapter as shown in the image below.
* The scale of a MIDI file needs to be between C3 to A5 on a diatonic scale. (C4-A6 in American standard) to be compatible with a Muro Box.

Now, the USB type C MIDI input slot on the Muro Box can support two devices: USB flash drive and MIDI keyboard.

How to use a USB flash drive?

  1. Upload MIDI files of your melodies into a USB flash drive.
    (Note: The maximum number of melodies for reading via a USB flash drive is 100.)
  2. Insert a USB flash drive (with the adapter) into the slot for MIDI input the back side of the Muro Box. Wait for the Muro Box to scan files to get ready for playing the melodies.
  3. Muro Box will automatically play a short default melody to notify you that the melodies inside the USB flash drive are ready to play on the Muro Box. If you do not hear this short default melody in 30 seconds, please remove the USB flash drive and then insert it again.
    (Note: If your USB flash drive contains a lot of non-MIDI files, it may take longer time to complete scanning the files to get the Muro Box ready to play the MIDI files.)
  4. Press the control knob on the backside of the Muro Box, and it will start playing melodies. Turn right to play the next melody; turn left to play the previous melody. When the melody is playing, pressing the control knob again will stop the playing mode and become sleep mode.

How to use the MIDI keyboard?

  1. Connect your MIDI keyboard with the Muro Box.
  2. When they are connected, Muro Box will play a short default melody to notify you that it is ready to play the notes/melodies you play on the MIDI keyboard now.

Note 1: The melodies need to be within the 20-note music range of Muro Box (C3-A5, on a diatonic scale). Any note beyond this music range will not be played. Muro Box will only read a single track of the MIDI file.
Note 2: The Muro Box will not save the MIDI data played on the MIDI keyboard. If you wish to save the melodies you have played on a MIDI keyboard and upload them to your Muro Box, you will need to use professional music editing software to export the MIDI files and then upload them via the USB flash drive or our Muro Box app.