Why I may need a professional music arranger to help me edit my song?

Muro Box-N20 has the following limitations:

  • It can only read MIDI files (with only one track). MP3 and WAV are not supported. 
  • Its music range is C3-A5 (on a diatonic scale). It means only the white keys on a piano.
  • If you want a song that contains semitones (the black keys on a piano), you will need to shift those notes to C Major.
  • The professional music arranger can help you keep the essence of the original song even though some notes are shifted.

The Workflow of Melody Request

  1. Submit your melody request via the survey.

2. The music arranger edits the first version.
(If this song cannot sound like the original, we will suggest you find another song.)

3. You receive Version 1 (MP3) for review via email.。

4. Reply to this email to tell us whether you are satisfied with the result.

5. You can ask the music arranger to make revisions up to two times after reviewing the MP3 (Version 1 and 2).

6. We will email you the final version in both the MP3 and MIDI formats.

7. You upload the MIDI file of your song via our Muro Box app.

Meet Our Professional Music Composers!

專業編曲師-劉虹吟能為您的智慧音樂盒Muro Box創作客製化樂曲

Ms. Hung-Yin Liu

I’ve played piano for 25 years in Taiwan and received training from YAMAHA. I have composed more than 70 music box melodies for Muro Box users, including pop music, classical music, movie theme songs, and children’s songs. My latest melody arranging service for a famous Korean company (ROI VISUAL) is “Robocar POLI Music Box Lullaby”. The following YouTube video is a compilation of the 10 melodies I arranged for them.

I enjoy composing melodies for my clients because they recall the unique and cherished memories when listening to my work playing on the Muro Box.

For each melody request I receive, I will use my Muro Box to test playing it before sending it for the Muro Box team to review and then forward it to my client. I know that each melody request has a personal story behind it and I will do my best to present the essence/spirit of the melody.

專業編曲師 Eugene Kazantsev 能為您的智慧音樂盒Muro Box創作客製化樂曲

Mr. Eugene Kazantsev

Receiving classical training at the National Music Academy in Ukraine, I play an impressive variety of instruments. I’ve created over 500 customized music box melodies for wedding proposals, anniversaries, and birthdays to help people express their love. I’m sure that the music box is a unique musical instrument and a meaningful gift. Welcome to find me on fiverr.com. You can find my professional website here: https://www.kazantsev.net/