Make Your Own Muro Box N20 (DIY Course)

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The Most Unique Gift Idea: DIY a Muro Box (Programmable Music Box)

Looking for the most unique gift? Want to DIY it with premium creativity and quality? This is the course you will need! We will teach you how to assemble 200+ components of your music box (Muro Box N20 Standard) and how to add customized engraving and melodies. It will be a perfect gift for your wife/husband, children, parents, advisor to celebrate the important life stage from birth to retirement! 

We will inspire your creativity in making the music box to present your wonderful memories. We will also teach you how to add new melodies to record new life memories. If you are curious about why the founders of Muro Box decided to invent a programmable music box to play their wedding song, you are welcome to read their story from this link.

Register for this course now! Let’s send the touching melodies into the lives of your loved ones!

1-on-1 Tutorial: Start from Assembling Your Own Muro Box

By assembling more than 200+ components of the Muro Box by yourself, you can experience the touch of a mechanical music box and its live performance in person. You will find that behind the beautiful music lies the experimental spirit of never giving up, as well as how much effort has been invested in its mechanical engineering design in order to bring you the most beautiful sound quality.

No matter if you are an experienced maker or a novice in assembly, you don’t have to worry. We will assign one staff to guide you in each step to make sure that you will complete the assembly task smoothly. If you want to know more about the secrets of its mechanical design, please feel free to ask us questions in this class.

Let’s take a look at our past events’ highlights so that you can feel the joyful atmosphere from watching the actual class situations.

One of A Kind Gift:Customized Engraving Design and Melodies for Your Unique Music Box!

The Workflow of Creating a Customized Melody:

  1. After you pay and register for this course, we will send you a survey form to collect the melody’s information to confirm which 2 minute long section from the melody you wish our music arranger to make for your Muro Box. If you have no specific instruction on which segment to take, our music arranger will give you her advice.
  1. After the music arranger completes the first draft, she will email you the MP3 file for you to review first. Each song can allow two times of revisions.
  1. After the melody’s revision is approved by you, we will prepare its MIDI file for you to upload to your Muro Box app and send it to your Muro Box via WIFI in class.

Many customers have shared with us that their recipients were moved to tears when they heard the customized melody playing from the Muro Box.

You don’t need to worry about whether your gift receiver is familiar with using our app. Simply plug in the power supply and press the knob, the user will immediately enjoy the Muro Box playing your customized melody. When the music is playing, the user can  instantly feel the environment is full of memories and surprises.

The Workflow of Creating a Customized Engraving Design:

  1. After you pay and register for this course, we will send you a survey form to collect the text/image you wish to engrave on the metal plate. The available font style options and size limitation are illustrated in the form to help you decide.

  2. Our designer will create a first draft based on the requirement you entered in the form and email you this draft for review.

  3. After you confirm that there is no need to revise the draft, then we will engrave the metal plate before you come to the class. Hence, you can assemble this engraved metal plate on your Muro Box by yourself in class.

The metal plate engraving service will help you capture the important moment no matter it is an important quote or a meaningful image, we will help you preserve the love and connection between you and the gift receiver.

Composing Melodies is Simple! Share Your Offline Playlist to Surprise Him/Her Again!

After completing the assembly of the music box, we will teach you how to arrange a new song in the app on site.You can start to arrange your own melodies immediately. We will also teach you how to enable multiple users controlling the same unit of Muro Box so that your family members can co-edit the offline playlist.

Imagine that when your family member receives this Muro Box as a gift this month, when the next month’s important date comes, you can remotely upload a new melody that recalled your shared memory to surprise her/him. When the Muro Box plays this new melody at your scheduled time, it will bring her/him a second surprise.

Learn more about how to use the Muro Box, please visit our FAQ#1: 

What’s included in this package (USD$490):

*1 unit of Muro Box N20 Standard

*1 customized melody of 2 minutes long

*1 customized metal engraving design

*Your sense of achievement of completing the handmade gift 

Class Overview:
Assembling Parts|We will guide you to assemble your Muro Box N20 Standard from scratch on the same day (please refer to its product page for learning more about its functions and how it works).
We will also teach you how to upload the customized melody you requested and how to install the customized engraving metal plate when registering for this class.

Composing Music From the App|We will teach you the steps of how to compose a new and simple melody with Muro Box App.

Exchange Ideas with Our Team |Welcome to seek our tech support and learn more about how the Muro Box was developed by chatting with our team on site.











The Special Packages for Our Existing N20 Customers:

To thank our Zec-Zec backers’ support for our first crowdfunding campaign in Taiwan, we designed this special offer to help them upgrade the first model of Muro Box N20 to the current Lite model with this discounted price. We will teach the Zec-Zec backers how to assemble their own Muro Box N2o Lite, and they can hear the sound quality of it is significantly improved. During this class, we will explain the steps we have done in order to refine each component’s design for better sound quality. The class participant can feel each component’s design detail with their own fingers on site!

For customers who already own a N20 Lite model to upgrade it to the N20 Standard model, we will teach you how to disassemble your current Lite model music box and replace some components to upgrade it to the N20 Standard model for unlocking more new functions.

Have you wondered what’s inside the rolling mechanical structure of Muro Box when watching the Muro Box live performance? Welcome to bring your own Muro Box to our class and we will teach you how to disassemble it to discover its secret design details and provide basic maintenance check service for it.

Class Information

Meeting Time:
Avalialbe Date: 2023/07/18~2023/09/01
Please reserve your dedicated time slot by email:
When paying for the registration fee, please add a message in the note section to tell us which date and what time you would like to attend this class. The class duration is about 2 hours. Welcome to bring your family members to attend this class with you. If you bring a young kid to attend the class with you, please make sure that you also bring an adult to take care of this kid.

Meeting Location:
Muro Box Headquater Office in New Taipei City, Taiwan

First Floor, No. 16, Renci Street,Sanchong District, New Taipei City, Taiwan

Contact Us:
Facebook: Muro Box Global

Traffic Direction:
By MRT: Take the orange line to get off at the Taipei Bridge Station and then walk for 2 minutes from the MRT exit facing Chongxin Rd.

By Car: Please park in the underground parking lot of Elementary School(No. 62, Zhengyi S Rd, Sanchong District, New Taipei City, 241), and then walk 5 minutes to our office.