Customized Sankyo Music Box Movements

US $917US $1,650

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Customized Sankyo Branded 18 note and 23 note music box movement made by Kyooh Precision Industry Co., LTD in Taiwan.

The Birth Place of Music Box

Customized Sankyo Branded 18 and 23 note music box movement made by Kyooh Precision Industry Co., LTD in Taiwan. Kyooh is the official outsourcing manufacturer of Nidec Sankyo (Sankyo was acquired by Nidec in 2013), the most famous music box manufacturing company in Japan.

You may not know that, in the past, about 40 percent of music box movements in the world were actually made in Taiwan.

Read the Story of the Last Music Box Factory in Taiwan

Kyooh is the last music box factory in Taiwan, which is also the place where Muro Box is assembled.

We Can Help You Create Customized Melodies for Your 18 Note and 23 Note Traditional Music Box!

The price includes music arrangement of 1 song in 15 seconds (18 note) or 25 seconds (23 note), mod design of the customized cylinder, and one sample of the music box movement. This is the preferred method of mass production of large quantity of music box movements.

Please contact us ( for detailed information. In general, you would need to provide us the following information:

  1. Title of the song, name of the composer
  2. MP3 file of the song or music sheet. Please indicate which section of the melody you will to play on music box (it is usually about 8 measures)
  3. The process time from Sankyo will be about 20 workdays. A mp3 fille will be provided to you to review and confirm
  4. It will take another 40 day to design the mod
  5. After received the mod from Sankyo, we will start produce you customized music box

Music Box Movement Moulding Price

MouldingPrice in USD
18 note917
23 note1650

The Unit Price of the Music Box Movement

MOVEMENTPrice in USDMOQ (Minimum order quantity)
18 note basic2.05100
18 note gold/brass3.51100
23 note basic7.15100
23 note basic6.8500
23 note basic6.421000
23 note gold/brass20.18 100
23 note gold/brass17.6500
23 note gold/brass14.681000
Muro Box N20 Standard