N20-RB Resonance Box for Muro Box N20

US $150

The Resonance Box was designed to enrich the details of the sustaining sound effect of Muro Box N20, not just to amplify its volume, because the current volume of Muro Box N20 is loud enough for regular home settings.

Do You Need a Resonance Box?

Check the comparison video made by our customer Shawn to hear the difference of adding a Resonance Box to your Muro Box.

Shawn is a music professional living in Japan, and he managed his band and Facebook fan page Lullatone with his dear wife. Shawn enjoyed the wonderful melodies produced by Muro Box!

programmable music box Muro Box Resonance Box that showing the sound hole is on the top

The position of the sound hole

What makes our sound box design different from other mechanical music boxes is the position of its sound hole. The current sound hole is on the top plate of the Resonance Box like a kalimba, instead of keeping it on the side. We find this is a better design as most musical instruments (e.g., guitar, violin, and cello) have a sound hole on the same side of the note-playing spot of the wooden box.

The thickness of the wood plate

We made the decision of the height of the wooden box and the thickness of each wood plate based on the sound test results of how much detail we can preserve instead of how loud the sound can be. Hence, we increase the height of the Resonance Box to enrich the bass sound effect, and we also increase the thickness of the side plates for clearer sound effect.

programmable music box Muro Box N20 Resonance Box The Front View.
The top plate of the programmable music box Muro Box's Resonance Box. It is made in zebra wood.

The choice of the wood material

The top and bottom wood plates are the same: zebra wood. This wood material is heavy and hard, and it is often used in making musical instruments, such as ukuleles and kalimbas. Their sound in the middle to high music range is richer when using the zebra wood. The wood material for two sides of the Resonance Box is hard maple, which is also commonly used in making guitars because it will make the sound become brighter.

Adding “shock absorbers”

On the feet of the wooden box, we added the “shock absorbers” to prevent other items on the same table co-vibrate with the plucking sound power of the Muro Box.

The shock absorber of programmable music box Muro Box's resonance box.

Muro Box Live Demo with a Resonance Box

Resonance Box Specifications

Muro Box N20-RB Resonance Box
Material Wood, Copper Alloy
Product Size (mm) 300x210x160 (mm)

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