Where can I buy the Muro Box-N40?
Is there a physical store?
  1. We currently have cooperative exhibition stores in Taiwan and Hong Kong.
  2. You can control/listen to the live performance of Muro Box from here: #TWITCH
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Amazing invention

I enjoy listening to the music boxes built a century ago and am amazed at how they used technologies of primarily clock building to make music boxes. Of course, they were limited to one or several turns per cylinder. The idea that someone could invent a music box capable of being programmed to play an unlimited number of tunes was a real "out-of-the-box" experience. I enjoy being able to listen to many tunes in a small device with the ease of wireless communication. An amazing invention.

very innovative and a lot fun

I bought it as a gift for my wife. She liked it much as I did. It's very special. Running very well, reliable.





編曲師劉虹吟很有耐性地聆聽我的需要, 真的把我想要的求婚/結婚音樂由幻想製造成現實, 她會耐性理解我的需求而去改進曲子令我達到一個非常滿意的水平。歌曲很流暢。


My purchase was meant for Fung Shui setting, but after received Muro Box, I realized the melodies created a soothing surrounding that was awe for meditation. The curated playlist listed in Muro App made lots of sense and well organized, which just click and play. Trouble free and a solid build product. Well done, loving it… 🥰

Fantastic Product!

I got this for my wife and she was so surprised and happy to receive this gift! She loves that she can play from a library of songs. More importantly, she was able to hear a tune that her grandfather used to sing to her when she was a baby but could not be found on any normal music box. The craftsmanship is excellent and we are big fans!

Payment and shipment was quick and effortless. The Murobox team personally answered emails and interacted with me throughout the process. A great purchasing and gift-giving experience! Do not miss this chance to own a truly unique item that is sentimental and modern.


Thank you

Musical Brilliance Unveiled in Alchemelic Project

We recently collaborated with the exceptionally talented Hung-Yin Liu, and we are thrilled to share our experience. Hung-Yin's dedication and artistry have added a unique and remarkable touch to our project, Alchemelic.

Hung-Yin's commitment to excellence and the quality of her artistry are evident in every note and composition. We sincerely appreciate her effort in our project, creating an atmosphere of genuinely inspiring creativity.

While managing various commitments, Hung-Yin's focus on our collaboration has been commendable. Her extraordinary skills and passion for her craft shine through, leaving us eager to experience the musical masterpiece that will surely result from her dedication and brilliance.

Hung-Yin has crafted over 30 melodies for our Alchemelic project, showcasing her versatility and depth as a composer. We are excited to share that we will be working on N40 versions of all the melodies she created for the N20, further expanding and enhancing the musical landscape of Alchemelic.

This collaboration has been an absolute honor, and we can't wait to witness the musical magic that will come to life in Alchemelic. In conclusion, thank you to Hung-Yin Liu for choosing to collaborate with us. The experience has been unique, and we are genuinely excited about the extraordinary musical journey we are embarking on together.

Warm regards,

Kim & Bendix

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將科技融入古典工藝之中: 有質感的智慧音樂盒

從小就喜歡音樂盒! 看過大大小小不同的設計,第一次聽到可以連續播放不同音樂的音樂盒 立刻被吸引。實際看到圓潤小巧的N20, 聲音清脆透亮,且竟然可以用手機連線編曲,甚至可以設定早起晨喚音樂... 有點不敢相信小小的它是如此的內外兼具! 一位外國同事最近生日且當了爺爺(人生第一次),想送他一份特別的禮物感謝他對晚輩的照顧,當時設定 希望是有質感、能夠代表台灣且Made in Taiwan的禮品,但一直找不到合適的。後來無意間又看到了N20,可以客製化雷雕祝福的話放在音樂盒上,且音樂盒的聲音很舒服,應該適合拿來播放搖籃曲吧,所以立刻就下訂了! 但由於距離同事離開台灣的時間只有五天了,下單之後非常擔心 無法即時收到 並親手把禮物交到同事手中... 和Muro Box的客服溝通雷雕字型和期望收到的時間,整個過程感覺非常的細心又有效率,最後順利在下單後的第三天就收到掛號寄送過來的音樂盒。開箱確認音樂盒,發現包裝細心,而最讓人感動的是: 裡面附上兩張蔡小姐親手寫的中英文卡片,表達祝福並寫上使用說明或詢問操作問題的連結 ( 其實在收到音樂盒之前,我已經收到客服透過line發給我的中英文線上使用教學說明的連結 以及許多相關問題的答覆) 當同事拿到音樂盒的那一刻: 感動之情溢於言表,而他對音樂盒的喜愛和讚嘆,讓我開心的覺得,這禮真的是送到心坎裡啦! 因為是台灣研發設計製造的,傾刻間我也覺得與有榮焉呢! 這樣優質的產品、用心又有效率的服務,真的讓人印象深刻啊!

Eine wunderschöne Spieldose der Extraklasse!

Das Murobox N20 hat mich durch seine gelungene Verbindung von modernem Design und beeindruckender Klangqualität überzeugt. Die automatische Notenerzeugung macht das Musizieren unkompliziert und spassig, während die robuste Verarbeitung des Produkts einen hochwertigen Eindruck hinterlässt. Mit seinen vielfältigen Funktionen eignet sich das N20 ideal für Musikliebhaber, die auf der Suche nach einem zuverlässigen und ansprechenden Musikgerät sind. Insgesamt ein gelungenes Produkt, das durch Qualität und Funktionalität überzeugt.

Ich möchte es nicht mehr missen wollen <3

組裝 獨一無二的 Muro Box

來這裡, 你可以感受到整個團隊跟你一樣




感謝 Muro Box 專業有溫度的團隊,

N20-RB - 標準版音樂盒專用共鳴箱

Engravings are the perfect finishing touch to personalize your Muro Box

I had both engravings (on the metal plate and wooden box) for my proposal to my then-girlfriend (now fiancée). The engravings were spectacular and the process was fast and easy - I recommend it wholeheartedly without any reservations. If you're on the fence about it, I would say: go for it. Every Muro Box is a special gift and a work of art, playing the tunes that are close to your heart. Having a customized engraving is the finishing touch that completes that vision, and I am so glad to have had it. It sparks joy every time I look at it!

The process was simple and the customer support superb. I tried two different ways of supplying the design. For the metal plate engraving, I sent a vector image of my design and Shiao-Chen not only understood it, but suggested an improvement to my design - no further iteration was necessary. I used both English & Chinese. For the wood engraving, I gave them the text (a short Bible verse) and described how I wanted it, and then I did a little back-and-forth iteration (with Shiao-Chen sending me previews at each step.

If you want someone to help you realize your design, they're great at doing it — and if you are able to supply them your design in Illustrator/JPG/PNG, that makes things even quicker. Tip: for those without Adobe Illustrator, you can try making your design in Powerpoint/Keynote, saving as PDF and rename the .PDF to .AI. PDFs do open in Illustrator.

Working with this company was a joy. I had never experienced this level of care and service from a company, and was pleasantly surprised at how involved the company CEO is in day-to-day operations. For many companies, customer service is an afterthought; but the Muro Box team wins over the hearts of its customers with their care and thoughtfulness. Shiao-Chen even wrote a sweet congratulatory card to my fiancée and I.

Dream realized: a marriage proposal in song

I count it a blessing to work with Ms. Liu Hung Yin to arrange two songs for my marriage proposal. I can vouch for everything Prof. Lee Smith said in his review ("outrageous fortune to work with Ms. Liu") – he was not exaggerating one whit about her ability. Like Prof. Lee Smith, I too thought that my requests were impossible. Like him, I was astonished with the results.

If you have a song in mind, I am pretty certain that Ms. Liu will be able to make it sound great on the Muro Box. And, it will sound better than you imagined. She's not exaggerating when she talks about customers letting her know how they were all in tears — she is really that good. She is not just an arranger – her real business is in making dreams come true.

My story: my fiancée and I love music and singing, and I decided to sing my sentiments to her in song instead of having a long wedding speech. I asked Ms. Liu to arrange the song (In A Crowd of Thousands) to accompany my singing. Her arrangement came out better than I had ever imagined. I then asked her to arrange a second song (一生守候), and her arrangement tugged at my heartstrings and giving me chills (the good kind) when I listened to it. I was deeply moved by it and can listen to it over and over.

Although the Muro Box does not support changing tempo mid-song, she was able to make the rhythm and timing close to the original song I supplied, which was critical to using it as accompaniment.

Technical bits: The N20 does not have flats and sharps in its note range. Half of my songs sounded great on it with just a simple transpose / key change (done easily with software), but my attempts at two songs did not sound good because of their use of flats and sharps.

Tips for others: importing a (transposed) MIDI is a good start and works for a number of songs. MBM (Music Box Maniacs) also has a lot of melodies that are good starting points (though often not the full song). But when that fails, or when you want something for a special occasion - know that Ms. Liu has your back.

Thank you Hung Yin again for helping me to make my dream a reality :)

智慧音樂盒Muro Box-N20標準版 | 用音樂盒演奏你的專屬回憶


女兒20歲了,想選一份有意義的生日禮物送給她。挑選了三個多月,最終選擇了Muro Box音樂盒,這音樂盒圓滿了她小時候的心願~一個可以”唱”很多歌的音樂盒。
當然,對我女兒而言這真正是一個滿分的生日禮物,除了父親的疼愛還有整個Muro Box團隊的溫馨祝福。

我好喜歡Muro box!!



整個體驗很讚也讓我很驚喜Muro Box的編曲呈現,我點了一首對自己很有意義的「I'm yours」,老師現場彈奏從音樂盒出來的聲音完全不一樣,原來這首歌可以這樣被演繹。

幸福山丘這個地點也是很搭配Muro Box帶來的氛圍:舒服放鬆美好❤️,感謝這次的體驗分享,居然主辦方還提供飲料!!!

希望未來有更多有意思的編曲可以從Muro Box聽到~



What a pleasure

Beautiful instrument. Safe payment. Fast shipping. No problems.





Extremely helpful customer service.

I needed it shipped before Christmas and it came earlier that expected. Such beautiful workmanship. My som absolutely loves it! It is so beautiful and sounds wonderful! Thank you😊

Happy 6nth Birthday

在即將邁入60歲時,正想著給自己一個當作紀念的禮物時,剛好看到在電腦前在小樽買的音樂盒,雖然我不懂音樂,但就是喜歡音樂盒的聲音與轉動時彈片的彈動感覺,因此就想買一個在小樽看到的大一點的音樂盒(當初覺得價格有點高),於是就上網找,找著找著忽然看到Muro Box智慧音樂盒,上網瞭解後,覺得就是這個,只是只有標準版才有刻字服務,Lite版沒有,對於我而言Lite版就符合我所需,於是就試著與Muro Box團隊聯繫問看看Lite版可不可以刻字?該團隊很快就回覆說有試著在木頭上雷雕,只是尚未確定,這樣覺得沒有刻字,就不夠紀念性,只有繼續找,沒想到幾天後該團隊說可以了,問我要刻甚麼字,可以先做一個示意圖看看,於是60歲的生日禮物就出現在桌上了,音樂盒的包裝保護很好,打開時我老婆說好好看的音樂盒,播放音樂聲音也好好聽,直說過幾年她60歲也要一個,這要感謝Muro Box團隊,能讓我有一個60歲專屬於我的生日禮物。