Muro Box-N40 Resonance Box Sound Test; New N40 Metal Plate Designs

【Pinewood Resonance Box for N40】
Let’s hear the difference between a N40 resonance box made with pinewood vs. made with zebra wood! Tell us which wood version of the resonance box you love more!
Do you know that different wood can generate different resonance effects in a music box’s live performance?
Let’s watch the video to listen to how the beautiful song “All is Found” (Frozen II) arranged by our dear N20 customer, “CottonHuang” playing from the Muro Box-N40 Standard music box on two resonance boxes made with pinewood vs. zebra wood.
We also propose three new metal plate frame designs for the N40 music box to better present the customized engraving design. Welcome to read the details of this update and tell us which metal plate’s frame design you prefer via the form at the end of this update:
Do you wish to test the sound effects of 2 resonance boxes with different songs?
Please visit the footer section of our website to enjoy the live stream of Muro Box playing on two resonance boxes!
Want to get a Muro Box-N40?
Please visit our Indiegogo campaign page:
We want to thank our customer (CottonHuang) who shared this song in our app: All is Found (Frozen II).
This melody is well-arranged to present the beauty of a mechanical music box.

Download our free app by searching “Muro Box” in the App Store/Google Play; search “CottonHuang” to enjoy more songs he arranged!
He has purchased both N20 and N40, and we look forward to hearing more new songs arranged by him!
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