Daniel’s successful Proposal: Let Customized Music Box Melodies Speak for My Heart (Singapore)

【From Proposal to Wedding: Customized Music Box Melodies Speak for My Heart】
Daniel W., located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, prepared a heartfelt proposal surprise in the forest: using a Muro Box-N20 to accompany his singing the proposal song live, creating a touching moment for her.
The music box was placed on the guitar because its resonating body allowed the music to be amplified, ensuring that the open forest surroundings could clearly hear the melody.
He chose Muro Box because it can automatically play customized melodies for him to sing along at the right moment so that she said YES immediately on site.
Daniel W. shared with us how his fiancée felt at that moment:
“The whole proposal was a surprise to me, since I had thought that it would happen later in the year. With the music box playing the pieces that bear significance to us, and the effort put into customizing the pieces, it was an incredibly meaningful moment as he sang his heart out to me. The tinkling of the music box, amplified by the guitar, created a magical setting for this moment that sounds in my head when I think back to that day, bringing a smile to my face. And the wonderful thing is that the “live” music that day can be recreated again and again on demand, having been captured in the Muro Box, and we can also re-share this special moment with our loved ones around us.”
Daniel W. also pre-ordered the Muro Box-N40 via our Kickstarter campaign in 2023 because he already has his 2024 wedding plan in mind for using Muro Box-N40 to play their favorite songs on site to impress their wedding guests!
Let’s check out the details about how Daniel W. meticulously planned a proposal to surprise his girlfriend (and now fiancée)!
2/14 is Valentine’s Day is approaching and Lunar New Year holidays (2/8-2/14) are coming at the same time. Our team will be off from work during 2/8-2/14, please place your order soon so that we can arrange your shipping by 2/7.
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