Muro Box-N40 Update #15 -Resonance Box Sound Tests on 4 Wood Options; Metal Plate’s Final Design

【Guess which wood gives you the best resonance box sound effect!】
Dr. Feng made four resonance boxes with 4 different woods to test their sound effects:
-Millettia Laurentii,
-Taiwan Acacia,
-Japanese Cedar,
We use the Muro Box-N40 Sublime to play the same song on 4 resonance boxes.
We picked this beautiful song, “The Girl Who Fell from the Sky” (a theme song from the famous Japanese animation “Castle in the Sky”) for this demo video because its music arrangement allows listeners to compare how the resonance box sound effects work on notes in higher and lower range.
Check out this N40 update to listen to the live performance of N40 Sublime on 4 resonance boxes, and see the final metal plate design that most of our backers prefer:……/muro-box-n40-update-15-en/
In this update, the video’s demo melody was originally uploaded by Chen Yen-Ting, our dear N20 customer who already contributed more than 100 music box melodies in our app library for all users to enjoy his skillful music box arrangement.
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