Two Artists Met in Second Life, Realized Their Dreams in Zurich’s Streets with Muro Box Playing Their Creation(Switzerland、U.S.A.)

Do you know that math+ music+ texture/ color can blend well in creating music box melodies?
A musician who is good at mathematical theory met an artist who creates surreal fantasy 3D visuals in the virtual world (Second Life). Their two different interests spark the creation of music in the virtual world, and they are excited to see how Muro Box performs their unique melodies in real life on the street in Zurich, Switzerland.
Their music project is called: “Achemelic”, which blends the two words: “Alchemy” and “melic”. They have hold more than 200 shows in the virtual life, and their special music atmosphere is well presented in surreal stage effects in the Second Life.
Now, Muro Box fulfilled their dream to present their music creation in real life: in the street of Zurich, Switzerland.
Their comments about the Muro Box and customized music arrangement service:
1. “The Muro Box is characterized by a unique sound that combines the classic, refined music box tone that many people are familiar with, and a subtle, mechanical rumble that gives the box its distinctive and captivating aura. The result is a musical experience unlike any other, full of character and presence.”
2.”When we received the first arranged melody (by the fantastic Hung-Yin Liu), it was way better than expected. Ever since, she has delivered amazing interpretations of our most beloved Alchemelic music. So far Hung-Yin has arranged 15 Alchemelic music pieces, and we are hungry for more,
At first, we thought bringing our music to the Muro Box was impossible because we used up to 40 different instruments in our work. So we sent tracks we believe are possible to arrange. But by now, we have learned that Hung-Yin can deal with all our music no matter what. She has this excellent skill to simplify our music and preserve its soul.”


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We invented the music box that can play your own memories. We hope the music box will become each family’s heirloom to preserve their own unique memories.

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