Muro Box N40 Update #7 – Sound Box Design (Survey #5 Result Part 1.)

Which aspect of the wood box design is more important to you?
Is the “attractive appearance” or the “sound effect” more important?
This crucial question received subscribers’ different opinions in this report. We have attempted to learn from the guitar’s wood box design, and the result showed that some people love this sound effect while others feel that it loses the uniqueness of music box sound. We are very thankful that many subscribers provided further reading materials to help us do more research on material choice and production methods.
The following are the highlights of this update:
Explain our current design direction for the wood box (sound box) of the Muro Box N40 Standard model.
Summarize the first part of the findings from the Survey #5: Sound Box Design.
Note:Survey #5 received 91 responses from readers within the cut-off time of 2023/05/11, of which 67 were English readers and 24 were Chinese readers.
The opinion trends of Chinese respondents and English respondents are slightly different, and the ratio of existing customers and non-customers are also indicated in this report when we summarize the N40 subscribers’ opinions.
Check out the full update to see whether your view are the same with other subscribers’ views:


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