15 Years of Unconditional Support from My Wife to Raise Happy Kids Together

Bruno from the US, told us that he hoped our customized laser engraving and melody arrangement could express his appreciation toward his family, especially his wife.
He said:
“Muro Box, the engraved image and the music composition are all part of a “thank you” note to my family (especially my wife). Me and my wife have been together for almost 15 years now and during this time we went through major life changes. No matter what was happening, she was always by my side.”
“In recent years, we had a new baby (the smaller one pictured in the engraving) and as soon as he was born we learned that he had to have an emergency surgery. He was so small and we were all very worried, my wife even more so, but in the end everything was fine and now he is this amazing happy toddler.
“ I guess I do have a lot to be thankful about. Specifically about the chosen image, it depicts myself, my wife (Solange), my older child (Eduardo) and the younger one (Artthur).”
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We invented the music box that can play your own memories. We hope the music box will become each family’s heirloom to preserve their own unique memories.

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