【Introduce the new OFFLINE playlist!】

【Introduce the new OFFLINE playlist!】
Now, multiple users manage and share the same offline playlist to control the same unit of Muro Box!
Just push the KNOB on the Muro Box, and it will play the melodies loved by the whole family/class. 

【Our App Library is like Google Drive】
The melody added into the offline playlist is like making a copy from your online playlist. Even though you accidentally deleted a song in the offline playlist, the original file is still saved in your online playlist, which belongs to your Muro Box app account.
Let’s see how it works for the common scenarios requested by our dear customers!

【Prepare a Gift】
After you add customized melodies for the gift receiver to enjoy the Muro Box, he/she can still update this shared offline playlist to include more melodies from our app library or upload new songs on his/her own.
Check out how our customer, Carmen, used the offline playlist to preload 4 church melodies edited by our music arranger for her dear international friends: https://murobox.com/en/our-users/carmen-3-customized-music-box/

【At Home】
The Muro Box can save different family members’ favorite songs in one offline playlist, and everyone can adjust its order as well as to add/remove any song.

【At School】
The teacher’s Muro Box can collect each student’s music creation in the same offline playlist for the demo show! Welcome to read this music teacher’s story to see how he integrated Muro Box into his STEM+Music class: https://murobox.com/en/our-users/educational-user-case-the-american-school-foundation-mexico-city/

We are glad that we have made our customers’ dreams come true by significantly updating our app and server to enable this update to the OFFLINE PLAYLIST’s control method.
Check out our tutorial to see how to set up your offline playlist and the coolest part is that this playlist allows multiple users to co-edit!

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We invented the music box that can play your own memories. We hope the music box will become each family’s heirloom to preserve their own unique memories.

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