Test Playing Muro Box Anytime & Anywhere: Let’s Watch its Live Performance!


【Complete the Task to Get a $5USD off coupon for your order】

After you follow the steps to finish testing the Muro Box online, you can write in the comment of this blog post to tell us which song you have played on the Muro Box.

After you send the comment for review, we will verify that you complete this assigned task and email you the $5USD off coupon code that can be applied on any item sold in our store.

Note: This $5USD will be saved in your Muro Box Account, so you will need to create an account on our website first to login before sending out your comment. This login requirement is designed to prevent our blog from receiving too many spam ads.  

【How to Test Playing Muro Box】

1. Download our “free” app by searching “Muro Box” in the App Store/ Google Play.

2. Log in our app with the following account:
email: guest@tevofy.com
password: getmuroboxnow

3. Remember to turn on your speaker from the screen of the live stream window to hear its rich sound effect generated from both the music box and its resonance box!

** Watch the Live Stream: https://murobox.com/en/#TWITCH
(It will take a few seconds to finish loading the live stream video window.) 

Let’s have fun by playing this app-controlled music box! Check out thousands of melodies shared by our global music box community.

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David Marciniszyn

I listened to Fur Elise. It sounded very nice.

蔡 筱晨

Super Mario Bros! Yeah~I’m No.1

Muro Box Global

Muro Box Global

We invented the music box that can play your own memories. We hope the music box will become each family’s heirloom to preserve their own unique memories.

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