Jay E, An Award-Winning Music Producer Enjoys Creating Different Atmospheres with His Muro Box

Jay E with his Muro Box smart music box

Check out how Jay E., a famous American DJ and music producer, unleashed the potential of the Muro Box in his music studio.
Jay E is an award-winning music producer from Missouri, USA.
He’s been DJing at parties and schools since 8th grade.
Later, he also started composing his own music and collaborated with Nelly and St. Lunatics and produced many songs together over the years. They also published the 2000 Diamond Sales Album “Country Grammar”. This album was released under Universal Records, and his career as a music producer began from that time.
Jay E. said, “I make music everyday: Hip Hop, RnB, Funk, Pop, etc. I think the Muro Box can fit in all styles of music. … You can make a Muro Box sound absolutely beautiful and fun sounding, but yet you can also make the Muro Box sound sad and even scary with the right processing. So having the Muro Box covers a lot of ground in the studio.”
Welcome to read Jay E.’s story to see how he played the Muro Box:

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