From Piano to Chinese Music Club: Dr. Huang makes friends with music and enjoys arranging music box melodies to heal souls.


Do you know “arranging music”can help relieve your pressure?
Let’s read Doctor Huang’s story to see how arranging his own music box melodies help him find a balance between his busy and stressful hospital life and off-work life.

Doctor Huang said:
Working in a hospital requires precision, efficiency, prescribing the right medicine, and setting goals in everything. But music is for me, not a professional performer, and does not need to pursue the ultimate precision. With some emotional changes will even make a more beautiful piece of music. I don’t need to pursue the efficiency and goals for music arrangement, and I can simply create music in the way I want. There is no need to prescribe the right notation, because every note will not be commented as wrong, and each person’s careful arrangement can produce completely different styles of music.

Doctor Huang also mentioned his Chinese music club time in senior high school and college life has shaped his following love for music significantly. He made many new friends from different fields of studies via music. Hence, music has become the best therapy for him to conquer pressure as well as to learn how to work as a team.

Muro Box is like his own automatophone, so he created some melodies for his Muro Box during his free time. He made the music box version of Tsai Chin’s “The Last Night” for his grandma as her Mother’s Day gift.
He also revised several melodies that were written for performing on Chinese musical instruments like Pipa.
His effort to modify classical Chinese music into music box versions have contributed some great songs for our global users.
Let’s read more about his story and you may find new inspiration from his music experiments! Some of his music box melodies are recorded in his user story for you to enjoy, too!


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