【Introducing 2 Models of Muro Box-N40】

【Introducing 2 Models of Muro Box-N40】
Check out the music range, sound quality, wood box design, and battery compartment of Muro Box-N40. The N40 will open a new chapter of the music box history, and we welcome you to join this significant moment!
【The Premium: Muro Box-N40 Sublime】
*Metal Base: Solid Brass
*4 Vibration Plates to form chromatic scale and create Sublime Harmony Effect (only found in large antique music boxes)
*Wood Box: Thermally modified 60-year-old acacia wood (native species in Taiwan)
*Battery Compartment Embedded
【Muro Box-N40 Standard】
*Metal Base made with Zinc Alloy
*2 Vibration Plates to form chromatic scale
*Wood Box: Classic Hard Maple
*Add-on option: Battery Compartment
Musicians around the world are looking for programmable music boxes as a creative medium. Due to the constraints of the organization, the arrangement of music boxes is an almost impossible task in reality. Because of the birth of the Muro Box-N40 Standard, the dream of using a music box as a musical instrument has finally come true!
【The Upgraded Functions in Both Models of Muro Box-N40】
*40 notes give you extra freedom in music arrangement
* Openable Lid for you to touch and feel the vibration power of Muro Box in live performance
* All-metal mechanism + one-piece solid wood box forms this impressive 3KG music box!
*Support DIN 5 MIDI input and USB-C MIDI input (Host/Device Mode), so no matter which type of midi instrument you use, it can be connected with the Muro Box-N40!
*Support 6.5 mm audio output with Transducer Pickup System, so you can record its live performance easily.
* Download free melodies from Music Box Maniacs (MBM), the world’s largest music box online composing community. Now, the Muro Box-N40 can play all of the 30-note melodies in the MBM library!
Now, we are at the last mile before Muro Box-N40 is fully developed, and we want to thank you for your long waiting and support!
Let’s check out more details about the N40’s functions, specifications, and material choices:


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