Muro Box: My Perfect Musical Instrument I composed 100+ songs via the Muro Box App!

Yen-Ting meticulously documents his journey from selecting songs to arranging them and sharing them on the Muro Box app.

Muro Box App Fulfills Your Music Dream! Even if you’re not skilled in performance, you can still showcase your creativity and music talent proudly.

Let’s see how Yen-Ting Chen achieved the feat of composing 100 famous songs via the Muro Box App:
🎵His creation includes English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean songs from pop music to classic music as well as music/animation theme songs.
He said, “It’s hard to tell how happy I am to have encountered such a nice, delicate and technically stunning machinery boutique. It’s both relaxing and challenging, quite a contentment seeing my works being produced one after another one, and it gave those in-mind music a chance to be realized.”

Arranging Muro Box melodies has become a fun part of Yen-Ting’s family time.
He said, “arranging music to play on the Muro Box has become a decent way to “properly use” my trivial times. It has become a birthday song special for my family, and kids look forward to my next work. I sometimes take orders from them (challenge accepted!) and most of the time they are satisfied. As to my wife, a piano major, that’s…. not so easily persuaded, but she indeed gave me lots of technical support and has been a reliable consultant. Lucky me!”

Since Yen-Ting encountered Muro Box-N20, he felt that the Muro Box was his “perfect instrument”! His musical sense developed in his childhood has finally been utilized and appreciated! With just a few clicks on the app, Muro Box can perform his creations on his behalf.
From selecting songs to arranging and sharing them with other users, Yen-Ting Chen loves each step of the music creation process in the Muro Box App! After completing 100 songs, he kindly shared his tips for efficiently arranging new melodies with us:

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Muro Box Global

We invented the music box that can play your own memories. We hope the music box will become each family’s heirloom to preserve their own unique memories.

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