N40’s New Resonance Box Design!


The Kickstarter team awarded Muro Box-N40 project as a “Project We Love” because of our product’s originality and great customer support proved by many previous backers/customers!
To thank our backers’ early support, we decided to make a new resonance box as a gift for our N40 backers!
【N40’s New Resonance Box Design】
1. We added a sound post for enhancing its sound’s transmission.
2. This new resonance box design also serves as the product’s packing box to protect the precious N40 music boxes and save its international shipping fee.
3. The audio pickup will be moved from the N40 Music Box to its resonance box.
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Thank you very much!
Muro Box Inventor
Dr. Chen-Hsiang Feng

Muro Box-N40 and its Resonance Box have more design details waiting for your feedback!

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1.The current openings on the front side of N40 music box has a primary function: decoration, not for better sound effect. In fact, the entire wooden box of the music box serves as a sound resonator. Do you agree to remove the openings to maintain a complete wooden box structure and reduce perforations?

Q1 | Option (A)

2. Which model of Muro Box have you purchased/pledged? (You can pick multiple options if applicable.)Required

3. About the nameplate on the front side, which method do you wish us to use?Required

Q3|Option (A)

Q3|Option (C)

If the nameplate is removed away from the front side, there will be no suitable place for the N40 Sublime model to add customized laser engraving design on the music box. If both N40 models wish to keep a nameplate for adding customization, the wood boxes will need to dig holes for positioning the name plates. If you remove the nameplate on your own later, you will see four small screw holes on the wood box.

5. About the Resonance Box Design, please check the item descriptions that you agree with. (You can pick more than 1 item.)

6. We propose three versions for backers to choose which version of N40 resonance box they want:Required


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