Siegfried Fulfilled His Music Box Dream with the Muro Box Team: From a Maker to a Backer (Belgium)

和Muro Box團隊一起實現我的音樂盒夢想:從製作者轉為支持者
【Who Inspired our N40 Sublime Design?】
Read Siegfried’s story to see how a true mechanical music box enthusiast contributes his knowledge, eventually giving birth to a programmable mechanical music box!
One of our N40 backers, Siegfried from Belgium, frequently sent us emails and shared many technical documents related to music box mechanisms/instrument design for our references.
We were curious about why he was so knowledgeable about music box mechanism design, and after an interview, we found out that he had a dream of inventing his own programmable music boxes before.
Although he eventually abandoned this project due to its difficulty, the various documentation he collected is a rare and valuable asset. We appreciate his willingness to share it with our team, allowing us to work together to create the music box for fulfilling his dream.
Below are the things we learned from his suggestions when developing the current Muro Box- N40:
1.The sound production principle of “Sublime Harmony” was first proposed by Siegfried, and we had the opportunity to implement it.
2.Wooden Box Design:
Siegfried provided documentation for calculating the optimal size of a wooden box. Although the calculated optimal size for the wooden box is one meter wide, which we couldn’t practically execute, the documentation included parameters such as a thickness of 6mm for the wooden boards and design details like wood grain direction.
We incorporated these details into the wooden box design for N40. Siegfried’s greatest contribution was not just enabling us to create a flawless music box, but allowing us to make better design decisions within the constraints of real-world conditions, based on the experience and theory of designing instruments.
3.Our original circle-shaped sound port on the resonance box was proven to be less than optimal. Thanks to Siegfried’s references, we will propose a new resonance box design in accordance with the conclusions of the papers.
Once again, we want to express our gratitude to Siegfried for his support. If any of you have any design suggestions, please be sure to let us know by email/replying to the feedback form as Siegfried did!
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