Muro Box N40 – Project Started!


【Muro Box N40 – Project Started!】
Welcome to join us in this new product’s development journey!

Do you wish to own a music box that can play flats and sharps with a wider music range than N20? Now, the Muro Box N40 standard model is designed to meet your expectations!

(The model name “N20” stands for 20 notes, and “N40” stands for “40 notes”.)

In our last survey, 116 N40 subscribers told us their acceptable price range for N40:
67% voted for Under $1000 USD;
33% voted for $1275-1700 USD.
(We have 421 N40 subscribers now!)

We will aim for finding the best sound option but controlling its price to be under $1000USD.
We think that the sound box of music boxes on the market are mostly designed with the concept of “wooden box”. That is, the focus of the design is how to “accommodate” the movement of the music box and add beautiful artistic “decoration” to the wooden box.
But according to our understanding, most subscribers’ expectations, especially those who want to use the N40 as a musical instrument, they hope to hear the sound effect like a musical instrument. Correctly speaking, what they want us to do is “sound box”.
To make wooden boxes, we need to find people who make furniture, and to make sound boxes, we need to find people who make musical instruments. These two are different industries. It is extremely difficult to meet both expectations.
Our current design goal is to use the music box as a musical instrument, that is, we tend to look at the design of the music box from the perspective of designing a “sound box”.
Please tell us how you view the wood box of N40. Is it a “crafted wooden box” or a “great sound box”?

☛Read the latest update about “sound box and music range”:

☛Tell us with survey below: whether you agree with our current ideas for “the sound box” and “music range” of N40 standard:

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⦿If you find that the N40 may not be what you expected, please also consider purchasing our N20.
N20 already can play most of the melodies you love, and its size is more convenient for travel and your smaller table space.
N20 is like a mini player piano to present the live music you love anytime you want.
One music box plays unlimited melodies of your choice is the best deal for your budget.

⦿Welcome to read more N20 customers’ stories to see why they love N20 playing their songs:

Muro Box N40 Project Started!
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Muro Box Global

We invented the music box that can play your own memories. We hope the music box will become each family’s heirloom to preserve their own unique memories.

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