12/18 Muro Box Assembly Cass

【 12/18 Muro Box Assembly Cass】
It was a cold Sunday afternoon, but our participants still attended this very first assembly class on time and we’re thankful for their active participation.

Everyone enthusiastically asked questions and exchanged ideas of how to apply the knowledge they learned from the class to their life and work.

Those participants had different backgrounds like wind turbine designer, senior citizen’s care provider, and golf course operator. They gathered here to experience how to build a Muro Box piece by piece from scratch.

The assembly process is a great challenge of their concentration and patience because of the complexity of its mechanical structure. After they experienced the trial and error many times, they couldn’t help but yell “Ya~” when hearing the Muro Box playing unlimited melodies after plugging in its power cord.

You may not know, in this app-controlled mechanical music box, there are more than 500 components in it! For the cylinder part alone, there are more than 200 components!

Before the assembly process, we played a video to present the 3D illustration of the patented cylinder design of Muro Box. Participants learned the shape and function of each component and identified every design ingenuity inside this music box.

The inventor of the Muro Box, Dr. Feng explained how the patented clutch system worked inside a music box in detail during this class. The participants were surprised to see that it takes six different components to drive a rolling pin to pluck just one note at the right timing.

Our next Muro Box cylinder assembly class will be held in the Taiwan Modern Musical Boxes Museum in Taichung City!
Time: 1/14 (Sat.) 2:00 pm

There are music box designs collected from all over the world, and the most expensive luxury music box (over 1 million NTD) is also in their museum’s collection!

We look forward to meeting you in our next Muro Box assembly class!

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We invented the music box that can play your own memories. We hope the music box will become each family’s heirloom to preserve their own unique memories.

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