Wei Wei – Experience the Heart-Warming Magic of Music Box Through the Personal Unique Stories Shared in a Webcast (Singapore)

Wei Wei, a live streamer from Singapore, came across Muro Box while looking for unique products in Taiwan, and decided to host a special webcast - sharing emotional stories with live music box performances!

“It made me cry and laugh when listening to this music box playing melodies. I did not expect it to have the magic to bring me new life experience!”
Hi, I’m Wei Wei, a live-streaming influencer from Singapore. I found the Muro Box when searching for unique products to resell in Singapore. After I test playing the Muro Box in their office in Taiwan, I was impressed by the music box because its emotional value is much higher than the popular products I used to promote.
Hence, I arranged a special live streaming event to show 4 fans’ true stories to present their stories and feelings.
1. a widowed single mother,
2. a rebellious daughter
3. a wife who wants to relive the happiness of their wedding banquet
4. a wife who wants to recall why she decided to marry her husband
When the music reverberated in the live broadcast room, the stories moved everyone on the spot. Under the sound of the music box played by the music arranger, the stories behind the fans’ aspirations and unique life experiences are particularly touching, since Shiao-Chen and I were both wives, mothers and daughters. Coupled with the catalysis of the music, we even shed tears during this event. This effect is beyond our expectation. Right now, I deeply feel the magic of the music box! I also immediately ordered 1 Muro Boxe for myself.
Curious about those stories? Check out the full story to find the clues to answer your questions:

Experience the Magic of Music Box Through the Personal Unique Stories Shared in a Webcast – Wei Wei (Singapore) – Muro Box

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Muro Box Global

We invented the music box that can play your own memories. We hope the music box will become each family’s heirloom to preserve their own unique memories.

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