We are thankful for receiving many people’s supports during the CES 2023

Sherry and Cindy in CES 2023 with Muro Box

We are thankful for receiving many people’s supports during the CES 2023.

One of our colleagues asked his niece, Cindy, who was an undergrad student in California to fly to Vegas to attend CES to help us explain how Muro Box works. To our surprise, Cindy’s friendly smile and beautiful face attracted many people to come to our booth to listen to her energetic introduction.

The CES exhibits lasted for 4 days (1/5-1/8), we had to enter this large hall to set up our display to greet the visitors from 9am to 6pm. When our booth is circled by visitors, we had to ask the nearby booth’s staff to help us take pictures so that we could concentrate on introducing the product to visitors and take notes of their interests to send them emails after the CES.

The largest booth section near our booth was from South Korea. Many research institutions from South Korea attended the CES together with their startup companies, so our booth attracted more Korean visitors easily. One of the VR content provider companies saw that our booth had a long waiting line, so he came to our booth to chat with us. He was surprised to know that our current Korean distributor specialized in selling VR devices. Is there any magical connection between VR and music boxes? Let’s wait and see whether we can generate synergy to find more target audience with the shared interests.

Among many US visitors, there was one organization that impressed us the most. They used 3D printing plastic to replace wood for making a violin. At first, we thought that plastic material cannot produce the same sound quality as the sustaining sound effect of a wooden box.

However, when hearing their live performance at CES, we were stunned by their sound quality. We exchanged contact information immediately and look forward to testing the 3D printing material for a new model of music box in the future to see if we can still preserve the same beautiful ending sound effect.

The MIDI keyboard at our booth attracted many visitors easily. At first, those visitors said that they just learned music for a short time or just being beginners, but we found their gestures are quite professional. How come they are so humble but perform like a master’s concert!

When greeting visitors who did not know how to play a keyboard, we simply demonstrated how to switch melodies by turning the knob on the back side of our Muro Box. They were curious about how we did it. That’s why we need to display a programmable music box at CES!

During the opening hours of the CES booth, we had to stay alert for any fleeting cooperation opportunities. We simply left our booth for about 10-15 minutes to go to the restroom or grab lunch, and when we came back to our booth, our nearby booth staff told us that we just missed the conversation with a media reporter and a distributor from Thailand. Therefore, we had to stay at our booth patiently to wait for the good opportunities to visit our booth again.

The summary of our findings at CES2023:
250 visitors from various companies/organizations
14 countries of vendors interested in Muro Box

Country list:
South Korea, US, Japan, France, Netherland, India, China, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Singapore, Belgium, Israel, and United Arab Emirates

This year, we hope to open more B2B collaboration, welcome our customers to refer us to more new opportunities!

Muro Box Global

Muro Box Global

We invented the music box that can play your own memories. We hope the music box will become each family’s heirloom to preserve their own unique memories.

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