“Every Breath You Take” is an irreplaceable love song for my wife!

Muro Box plays "Every Breath You Take" with laser carving of "Every Little thing to do is magic!".

“Every Breath You Take” is an irreplaceable love song for my wife!”

Prof. Smith, in his closing years, wanted to give the most cherished memory to his wife who accompanied him for 39 years. He prepared the Muro Box to play their favorite songs arranged by our music arranger as his wife’s birthday gift.

He requested two famous songs by the Police: “Every Breath You Take” and “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic.”
After Prof. Smith received the Muro Box playing those melodies, he wrote a long review in our store page to thank our team’s effort for making his dream come true.

【Quotes from Prof. Smith】
“So, my wife and i met in the mid-80s. it quickly became apparent what “our song” was. it was everywhere that summer. now, it wasn’t exactly what you’d think of as your standard romantic, stars-in-the-eyes, love song. it was/is “Every Breath You Take” by the Police. Irony or no, it became the music of “us.”

“When i contacted Muro Box and asked if one of their arrangers could make it into a music box MIDI i wasn’t sure what they’d say (“are you crazy?!” “Impossibly complex!” came to mind). Then i had the outrageous fortune to get to work with the astonishingly talented, caring, meticulous Ms. Liu. She worked so hard to make this lovely song into a lovely birthday present for my wife.”

“There were tears, there were smiles, and many, many kisses. The Muro Box team is my ideal of what an excellent company is/can/ and should be!”

Do you also have someone important on your mind that you wish to convey your feeling with the music box melodies?

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