【10 Years of Gratitude for Wife】

Muro Music Box playing Ballade Pour Adeline.

【10 Years of Gratitude for Wife】
“Ballade Pour Adeline” was the melody chosen by K. Gold to present his appreciation for his dear wife.
He told us why he picked this melody:
“My wife likes music boxes but is pretty selfless so she doesn’t spend much on herself.
One day I was playing some songs through a piano book and she noted that ‘Ballade Pour Adeline’ was her favorite song. I’ve been looking around for a music box that could play it for the past decade but could never find one because of its complexity. Was glad to see the Muro box as a possible solution.”
K.G. also hand-drew an illustration to asked us to engrave the following sentence plus a smiley heart on the wood box of Muro Box:
“You make my heart smile!”
When his wife received this customized music box, her facial expression was unforgettable for K.G.
K.G. was one of our Indiegogo campaign backers who placed his order on Day 1 to support our first international campaign. We are glad that Muro Box can fulfill his dream from 10 years ago, and we also feel honored to receive his thank-you message in addition to the above story.
Do you also have someone important in your mind who deserves a special designed gift to preserve your shared memories?
Muro Box is your perfect gift for him/her.
No matter if you are considering how to propose or show your gratitude, the freedom to customize melodies and engraving of Muro Box will help you present your feeling from the bottom of your heart!
【Valentine’s Day Special Offer】
When you order a Muro Box before Feb 7th, we will give you a free melody of 2 minutes long plus a customized engraving service! Welcome to subscribe to our email to receive an extra 5%off coupon code!
For new orders placed during 1/18-1/29, the shipping arrangement will start on 1/30, after our Lunar New Year holidays (1/20-1/29).

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Muro Box Global

We invented the music box that can play your own memories. We hope the music box will become each family’s heirloom to preserve their own unique memories.

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