Thank You the Muro Box Team (Netherlands)

Joeri van Rhijn

Dear Muro Box team,

SO HAPPY I’m with your Muro Box! Today, at my day off, the Muro Box was delivered! It was very well packed.

I played several pieces of the Muro Box it’s memory, tested with a keyboard and my phone.
It’s also an aesthetic beauty of technic.

I can experience the dedication and love of making this special instrument. I’m proud of you! Thank you very much!

After a while I will sent you my feed back of using the Muro Box.

Much Love,

Joeri van Rhijn of The Netherlands

Email sent on 2021/11/02

Let's read Joeri's story and listen to his Muro Box!

I’m a member of the Dutch Pianola Association (
There was an article of the Muro Box, and I decided almost directly to order this, because I love people who makes the World better with positive things (technic) and energy. 

I made the following video to record the sound of the Muro Box playing my customized melody, “Te Deum of Charpentier ,” and my words to thank the Muro Box team.


In the first time, I asked for a piece of music of Scott Joplin played from a pianola. That is for the Muro Box technical not executable. Then I was thinking of the music I liked (and still like it) in my youth. 

With international broadcasting on TV often the music of ‘Te Deum’ from Marc-Antoine Charpentier (, a French composer in the time of Ludwig XIV, was played. I liked it very much.

This was played by the famous trumpet player Adolf Scherbaum (

He had also contact with the trumpet players Maurice André (I was on a concert of him one time) and Ludwig Güttler (I visited his concerts a lot of times).