Our 1st US Backer from the ZecZec Crowdfunding Campaign

Sidney Hsieh

programmable music box Muro Box's user from the US.

Our Taiwanese customer, Sydney

It is graceful to witness the development of Muro Box, such a great integration of antique with technology.

There is long history of music box to preserve human’s memory and emotion within a small gadget. However, it can only save only one distinct memory out of so many.

Few years ago, founders of Muro Box told me this idea. I know it will be a big challenge to develop hardware product, especially with such high technology difficulty to convert digital music (MIDI) to play on a mechanical music box.

I am so happy to finally receive the final product few weeks ago. Muro Box is well made with great quality on all of the tiny details. I can tell how much efforts, cares and love had been devoted into this music box. Muro Box does not lose the beauty and elegancy of antique.

On top of this, it is fully empowered with high technology, which connect your cell phone with music box for full controls. It is a magic that you can control the cylinder of a mechanical music box to pluck the comb via your smart phone.

The sound from Muro Box is as clear as the traditional one, or even better because it now can play faster songs of my choice. It is a perfect gift to make our family life full of romance and surprise! Thank you, Muro Box!

Sidney Hsieh