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Muro Box-N40 Update #16

Hi everyone,
This is the inventor of Muro Box, Dr. Feng. The following is this N40 update’s summary:

1. Let backers confirm their N40 resonance box options and shipping information.
2. Call for 10 customer-arranged melodies to present in the default N40 offline playlist (Reward: $40 USD per melody).
3. Summary of the current N40 production status
4. Showcase the final product appearance and their sound effects by recording the melody arranged by our No.1 Kickstarter backer from the US.

▲We want to thank our No. 1 backer on the Kickstarter campaign of Muro Box-N40, Daniel McConnell, who arranged this beautiful classical tune into N40’s music range to share with our global users! This melody also served as the soundtrack for our Muro Box-N40 crowdfunding campaign’s main video. We hope this classic piece of music will become a shared memory for us and N40 customers, commemorating the origin of our acquaintance in the world of music!

Shipping Fee

Muro Box-N40 measures 260 mm long x 170 mm wide x 98 mm high. The N40 Mufeng version weighs 4 kg (as shown in the image), and the N40 standard version weighs 2.3 kg. Both models are substantial.
Muro Box-N40 measures 260 mm long x 170 mm wide x 98 mm high. The N40 Sublime weighs 4 kg (as shown in the image), and the N40 Standard weighs 2.3 kg. Both models are substantial.

Since we have confirmed the packaging size and weight of the product, we can now calculate the actual shipping cost. Please note that in Kickstarter and Indiegogo crowdfunding campaigns, shipping fees were not included in the pledge/perk price because the size and weight of the product were not confirmed at that time. If you pre-order our product via Wabay campaign in Taiwan, the pledge amount already includes shipping fees to Taiwan and Hong Kong, so you do not need to pay more shipping fee.

If you are not located in Taiwan/Hong Kong or if you pre-order our products through Kickstarter (KS) and Indiegogo (IGG), you must now select the shipping method and pay for shipping.

Note: If you purchased a pre-launch voucher from our official website store before placing an order on KS, you are eligible for free international shipping. If you purchase two N40 units for shipment to the same address through KS/IGG, we will waive the shipping fee to thank you for your generous support of this project.

As the N40 is quite heavy, to help you save on shipping costs, we also offer the option of standard airmail shipping:

N40 Standard + Pinewood Resonance Box, total weight approximately 4 kilograms
◆Postal Airmail (10-18 days delivery):
Shipping fees are
$43 USD to the United States/Canada
$35 USD to Europe
$30 USD to Asia
$36 USD to Australia

◆DHL (4-6 days delivery):
Shipping fees are 
$70 USD to the United States/Canada
$83 USD to Europe
$65 USD to Asia
$68 USD to Australia

N40 Sublime + Millettia Laurentii (Chicken Wing Wood) Resonance Box, total weight approximately 7 kilograms
◆Postal Airmail (10-18 days delivery):
Shipping fees are
$73 USD to the United States/Canada
$58 USD to Europe
$39 USD to Asia
$55 USD to Australia.
DHL (4-6 days delivery):
Shipping fees are
$95 USD to the United States/Canada
$125 USD to Europe
$82 USD to Asia
$95 USD to Australia

If your N40 Standard music box has been upgraded using the Acacia wood box, the weight will increase about 200 grams compared to the original N40 Standard version. If your final configuration is the N40 standard version with Millettia Laurentii (Chicken Wing Wood) resonance box, the total weight is approximately 5.1 kilograms. The shipping cost will fall within the price range mentioned above.

We will calculate the total amount you need to pay based on your chosen resonance box option and shipping preference. Payment details will be emailed to you individually.

The Add-On Options for N40’s Resonance Box

We have also obtained production quotes from our resonance box supplier, Precision Woodworking. Therefore, now is the time for you to decide on your resonant box options. Consistent with our previous N40 update #15, the unfinished pine version is offered as a “free” option, while painting and chicken wing wood options are paid options. Below are the prices for each option:

UnfinishedAdd clear lacquer based paintAdd black walnut color lacquer paint
Pinewood0 USD40 USD50 USD
Add Clear lacquer based paint
Millettia Laurentii (Chicken Wing Wood)100 USD

(Because the Millettia Laurentii (Chicken Wing Wood) itself does not have a distinctive odor, there is no need for hand waxing to maintain fragrance. Therefore, we have opted for spraying the clear lacquer based paint to expedite shipping times.)

We apologize for any inconvenience, but in order to simplify production logistics and expedite shipping, we have decided not to offer options for Acacia and Japanese cedar for the resonance box this time.

If you are our N40 backers (customers), please submit your choice of resonance box, its surface treatment method and shipping information via this form soon. If you do not tell us your option, we will not be able to arrange your shipment.

Regarding the Pickup

Furthermore, as mentioned in our previous N40 update, we found the pickup to be more complex than we anticipated after testing. Using a cheap pickup resulted in subpar performance, while professional-level pickups were priced higher than the resonant box itself. Since audio output is only a requirement for a small subset of our users, after careful consideration, we have decided to still reserve a 12mm slot on the back of the resonance box for those who wish to modify it themselves for future installation of their desired audio equipment. However, pickups will “not” be included as standard in shipments to avoid any negative listening experiences.

Call for 10 Songs to Accompany N40 Shipments - Submit Your Creation Now!

Originally, we planned to ship N40 with a selection of ten classical songs. However, during our internal discussions, we had a sudden realization: our users have composed so many outstanding melodies and are willing to share them publicly. We thought, what if we provide the highest exposure opportunity for our customers’ creation by showing their melodies in the default offline playlist, wouldn’t this inspire everyone’s creativity even more?

Therefore, we promptly decided to open up to ten slots for submissions, allowing everyone to contribute. Our team will then determine whether to accept the submissions. If your melody is selected, not only will your composition be included in the official default song list for shipments with your name credited, but we will also pay you a fee for your arrangement ($40 USD per song) as a reward. We encourage everyone to work hard on their compositions and submit them by the end of March, 2024.

However, due to higher copyright requirements for songs accompanying our product’s shipping, we prefer original song submissions or melodies that are clearly in the public domain, such as Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. Unfortunately, melodies from Studio Ghibli or Disney, for example, cannot be used.

Muro Box-N40 Official Song Selection - Event Details:

(1) Submission Deadline: March 20, 2024. We will ultimately select 10 songs from all submissions to be included in the official playlist to be preloaded to the N40 music box as the offline playlist. During the submission period, there is no limit to the number of songs each person can submit.

(2) Submitted songs must be at least two minutes long and arranged with at least two voice lines (including melody and accompaniment). You can choose from non-copyrighted songs (such as classical music) or create your own original compositions.

(3) Submission method: You can use the “Create Melody in the App” feature in the Muro Box App for composition, or alternatively, create MIDI files using composition software and then simply import it into the app.

*The imported audio file format only supports single-track MIDI files. If you use multi-track arrangement during computer composition, please merge them into a single track before exporting the MIDI files.

When adding a new song in the app, please fill in the details sequentially: Music title, description about the song/music, select Muro Box 40 for the music range, fill in the style and rhythm according to your preferred arrangement, and be sure to set it to public so that we can find your song.

This is the melody setting page for creating a new music box melody on our Muro Box App.
This is the melody setting page for creating a new music box melody on our Muro Box App.

(4) You can elaborate on your song selection motivation or your creative/interesting ideas in the “Song Description” field. You may also choose a background image for the melody you create to give it a personal touch. This allows more music enthusiasts to get to know you through this field.

The melody’s settings in the Muro Box's exclusive app allow you to effectively utilize the text description fields and background image field to enhance the overall creativity of your compositions.
You can utilize the text description field and background image field to enhance the overall creativity of your compositions.

(5) The purpose of selecting the songs is for N40 music boxes to play them, so please pay attention to the pitch range during your arrangement: non-continuous 40 notes from F2 to C6 (excluding F#3, G#3, A#3, C#3) (where C3 = Middle C, 261.6Hz). Additionally, consider the mechanical limitations of the music box during arrangement. 

Speed Limitation: Muro Box can play as fast as 4 beats per second for the same note, which means consecutive eight notes at BPM 120. When there is any note that is faster than the above speed limitation, it will be skipped by our firmware so the Muro Box will not play it. The basic unit of notes in Muro Box is eighth note (quaver).

(6) After completing the song, please provide your account name and music title using the form below. We will use the public accessible compositions you submit on the app as the selection criteria.

(7) Selection process: The Muro Box team will listen to the submissions and evaluate based on factors such as smoothness of the song, richness, ability to showcase N40’s wide pitch range in the arrangement, etc. Before submission, it is recommended to test the arrangement on the N40 live stream in our webpage to understand the actual performance effect on the music box. Go to the Live Stream window:

(8) Selected songs will be announced before we start to ship the N40 to backers. The selected melodies’ contributors will be contacted proactively regarding their reward distribution.

(9) The songs, their descriptive text, and the background photos submitted for selection must be confirmed by the submitter to be free of copyright disputes and infringement of others’ intellectual property rights. If any third party claims infringement, the participant must handle it independently, and the organizer (Muro Box Team) shall not be involved. At the same time, the organizer reserves the right to disqualify the participant. Muro Box Team reserves the right to modify the selection rules, which will be announced on the event website without further notice to individual participants. Song selection will be based on the final evaluation results; if the number of submissions is insufficient or fails to meet the selection criteria, selections may be omitted.

If you have any questions, please contact us via!

In the exclusive app of Muro Box music box, you can click on your profile picture to open your bio page, and you can write more about yourself here to promote your music for all of our users to know you.
Feel free to share and write more about yourself, making it your promotional space (click on your profile picture in the app to view your bio page). If your song is selected, we will guide listeners to search and browse your bio page, and to follow your social media pages if you provide the information in the bio page.

N40 Production Status (March, 2024)

◆In the first week of March, our electronic components will enter production at Meit Electronic in Hsinchu. We will record the production process and share it with everyone at that time.

◆Most of the components are scheduled to be produced by the end of March, and the goal of assembly and shipment starting in April remains unchanged.

◆The only component currently at risk of production is the vibrating plate. This is because we plan to add additional weights on the bass side to further enhance the sound intensity of the bass. We apologize that due to this new process, we need to apply for a patent, so the details cannot be disclosed at the moment. This is a completely new development in the comb-making process, so we will need to explore the best production methods initially. We anticipate a cautious and gradual approach when shipments begin in April.

◆Due to the complexity of assembly and the limited assembly manpower, you will not see a large batch of tens or hundreds of units shipped all at once in April. Instead, you will see a steady flow of shipments, with a few units shipped each day. We will start with fulfilling orders from backers in Taiwan through the Wabay campaign, and then prepare for international shipments according to the order of backing on Kickstarter, and then Indiegogo. Please be patient and wait for our N40 updates, so we can focus on solving any production issues that may arise, rather than spending all our time on customer service emails/live chats.

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