My Father’s Love for Chinese Music Inspired Me to Research on Music Boxes


Muro Box became the topic of a thesis!
Thanks to Mr. Chiang, a graduate student of National Taiwan University, Muro Box will be presented in the conference (AAS), at the Kyungpook National University, Korea, this June.

His research title is: “From Music Box to the Internet of Things: The Embodied Memory and the Innovation of Muro Box”.

Mr. Chiang came from a passionate and cultured music family, and his father’s profession in Chinese musical instruments has opened his mind for music studies.

Mr. Chiang wrote, “The Muro Box is completely different from the previous music boxes. It inherits the traditional beauty of mechanical music boxes, and also innovates its operational technology. Now, it has become a memory carrier that can be “customized” for the individual users. “

He also commented that “Muro Box is also suitable for music therapy, especially because its functions include melody creation and MIDI input from a keyboard to break the limitation of traditional music boxes. It opens the interactivity and diversity of music, so I think this product has great potential. The interesting findings in my study is that I cited more papers in the psychology field than in the music field.

Let’s see how Mr. Chiang’s father inspired him to start his music box study.
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