The World's First App-controlled Music Box

No matter where you are, you can play songs on Muro Box for the people you love by the app.
Our app will be launched in 2019. Stay Tuned!

2018 Golden Pin Design Award Winner

“ The Humble Music Box Gets a 21st Century Update.”
-- Engadget 2018

Brand New Design

Our patented design makes the dream, "one music box plays infinite songs" come true.

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Create Your Own
Music Box Melodies

Just with some taps, you can create your own song for Muro Box.

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Edit Your Playlists
in Muro Cloud

With Muro Cloud, the song capacity of Muro Box is infinite.

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Your Smart Alarm

You can wake up gently to your favourite music, and get things done in a pleasant mood.

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Composing Service

We find experts to compose
the right songs for you to listen on Muro Box.

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