Muro Box N40 is the advanced model of Muro Box, whose prototypes have been developed and discussed since 2022. The Muro Box team is willing to collect existing and prospective customers’ feedback for designing it.

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Muro Box【穆風】的設計細節大公開! 4片音梳復刻高級古董音樂盒的共鳴效果,造成的尾韻效果讓人回味無窮,快來了解更多N40的音梳細節,觀賞我們實際收音N40穆風演奏影片。

【The Design Secrets of N40 Sublime】

【The Design Secrets of N40 Sublime】The resonance effect produced by the replication of four combs in this high-end antique music box creates a lingering and unforgettable reverberation. Did you know…

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在40音限制中找尋最大的可能性,我們在N40的音階設定上,認真抉擇每一個音,為了最適合音樂盒演奏的方式及編曲,我們從伴奏、旋律的部分來考量,捨去了部分半音換得音域的擴大。快來閱讀 N40 進度報告8,填寫問卷告訴我們你的想法!

【Muro Box-N40 Update8: Final Survey】

【Muro Box-N40 Update8: Final Survey】In this update, we summarize the following points:1. How we select notes for N402. the “Sublime Harmony” effect3. Guitar-Shaped Resonance BoxPlease read this update carefully and…

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