【Muro Box Adds New Hong Kong Experience Location】

T.U.S. (The Ukulele Store HK) is now selling the Muro Box music box!

This all started from a Taiwanese ukulele teacher/advocate, G.J. Lee. While he is promoting ukulele teaching in Hong Kong, he brings the Muro Box music box to the ukulele community in Hong Kong.
(In Hong Kong, Ukulele is called “Hawaii Xiao Guita” or simply “Little Guita”)

As for why Ukulele users are interested in Muro Box, I think most of them have basic music skills and use Muro Box as a musical instrument.

When we interviewed Muro Box customers, we also notice that they have a passion for music but limited by not being good at playing musical instruments.

Muro Box provides an opportunity for them to modify their arrangements on the APP and let the music box play it for them automatically.

Even if you don’t know an instrument, you can perform your own works in Muro Box like a concert!

Your compositions can even be shared between users!

All of these made them extremely excited!

To borrow the words from G.J Lee, it is
“Part of it I think is due to its “lightweight, easy to carry” and “sound relief, healing”, which is especially suitable for modern society, especially urbanites who are stressed and have a busy life. The city is densely populated, crowded, bustling, and busy. Compared with large-scale plucked string instruments, Ukulele (Muro Music Box) shows its unique advantages. “

【Valentine’s Day Special Offer】
When you order a Muro Box before Feb 7th, we will give you a free melody of 2 minutes long plus a customized engraving service!

For friends in Hong Kong, please go to TUS “The Ukulele Store” to support them:

The T.U.S. team will personally make the customized melody arrangement and laser engraving for you, please support the local stores together.

If you come to Hong Kong, this will definitely be one of the shops you should visit.


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Muro Box Global

We invented the music box that can play your own memories. We hope the music box will become each family’s heirloom to preserve their own unique memories.

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