The Origin of Muro Box

We are the creators of the Muro Box: Dr. Feng and Dr. Tsai. We are a couple who have received our doctoral degrees in the United States and decided to integrate our expertises in engineer and education to do a startup. “Use technology to connect people’s hearts” is our vision because we believe that technology should bring people not only convenience in life, but also care between each other.

The Music Box from Austria

Our two-year product development journey of the Muro Box began when we were inspired by a tiny music box we bought in Austria more than a decade ago.

In Summer of 2006, we were exchange students in Austria. This is how our life's journey came together for the first time. Austria is famous for its classical music culture and history. When we visited the residence and birthplace of Mozart in Saltzberg, we decided to buy a music box as a souvenir of our time spent in Austria. This tiny music box has Mozart’s music, “Kleine Nachtmusik.”

In 2016, we rediscovered our little music box from Austria during a clean-up. When we cranked the music box, we found ourselves immersed in the good old times. However, a question came into our mind: “Why music box lost its popularity over the years?”

We found that people lost interest in music box because they can only repeat one song. With so much music in today's world, people get bored listening to the same 15-second melody. Therefore, we wondered, “What if there is music box can play more than one song?”

Then, we decided to investigate the cylinder part of a music box. We wanted to know how to control the pins on a cylinder to pluck the comb according to the programmed melodies.

Developing Muro Box from Scratch

Before making a workable prototype of the Muro Box, Dr. Feng has spent two years learning hardware design and testing metal materials. With the help from many factories in Taiwan, he ran countless experiments in developing the software as well as the hardware of Muro Box. His desk is always messy and full of various tools and parts of the Muro Box.

In fact, the Muro Box includes more than 200 pieces of components and it takes a considerable amount of time to assemble just one Muro Box.
(Read more about his product development journey.)

The above image shows the contrast between a traditional 18-note music box cylinder and our Muro Box cylinder. Muro Box has a programmable cylinder, which allows you to play different songs on a 20-note comb. The following Muro Box prototype video illustrates how you can control the smart music box from our mobile app.

Where to buy Muro Box?

Our crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo is around the corner! Indiegogo is a crowdfunding platform based in the United States, and you can pre-order our Muro Box from Indiegogo during the campaign period.

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