Kickstarter Pre-launch Voucher

US $30

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GLOBAL SHIPPING! The Price Does Not Include Import Tax.
14 Days Refund & Warranty Policy
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Limited Time Voucher: Available before our Kickstarter Campaign Starts in Oct. 19, 2023. Prepaid $30 USD to Save Your DHL shipping fee $90.

If you decide not to pledge to our campaign, the voucher is 100% refundable.

If you think the N40 Sublime/N40 Standard, or N20 Lite Battery version is what you like, please prepaid $30 in our store now to help us estimate the amount of new orders for the new models. We hope to start purchasing their components sooner so that we can ship the goods in 4 months after our Kickstarter campaign ends.

In our Kickstarter campaign, all of the pledge options will not include shipping fee. We will collect the shipping fee after the campaign when we can make sure each pledge option’s packaging box size. However, we will give a shipping price range table to show the quotes for airmail and DHL options in order to let backers know the estimated shipping cost.

To thank you for your super early support for our Kickstarter campaign by purchasing our store’ voucher before our Kickstarter campaign officially starts , we will automatically waive your shipping fee and use DHL to ship your order.

This automatic DHL shipping waive is worth 90 USD because both N40 models and N20 Lite Battery versions are large and heavy items for international air shipping.

The launch date of our Kickstarter campaign is coming this October (2023)! Please stay tuned for our email updates!


1. How do I know my prepaid reward has been applied to my Kickstarter campaign pledge record?

After you complete the online transaction for a prepaid discount in our store, you will receive an automation email to tell you your order number (a 5-digit number). The same automation email will also be sent to our customer support team for double check.

When you pledge on our Kickstarter campaign, you can use its note section to enter the same 5-digit order number to let our team match your previous prepaid record more easily. After our kickstarter campaign ends, we will receive a final version of the backer list from Kickstarter creator’s dashboard. We can combine your Kickstarter pledge record number with the prepaid order number by matching your name and email address in editing the shipping list for each backer.

2. Can I buy more vouchers to get more discounts?

Purchasing 1 voucher is 30 USD, and each voucher can only be applied to one model, no matter if it is N40 sublime, N40 standard, or N20 Lite Battery. 1 voucher can only save one model’s DHL shipping fee, which is worth 90 USD for most countries. If you purchase 2 vouchers, they can be applied to 2 units’ DHL shipping. You cannot redeem the 2 vouchers on the same unit after you pledge on our Kickstarter campaign.

3. How to get a full refund for the voucher ($30 USD/ each) if I wish to cancel my pledge for the Kickstarter campaign?

Please email our customer support team ( to show us your order receipt of the voucher anytime you want to.

4. When will the voucher purchase window be turned off?

The purchase window for the voucher will only be open before our Kickstarter campaign page is live. When our campaign page is live, you cannot get this voucher any more, so it is a time-limited discount for our royal N40 subscribers who have followed our news for a long time.