Muro Box has programmable pins on its cylinder to pluck the comb according to the melodies assigned by its companion mobile app.
You don’t need to turn the switch many times. Now, you can enjoy the whole song performed by a music box and even share the special memory for your loved one.

With this patented cylinder design and the Muro Cloud Library, Muro Box can play infinite songs in just one music box. Now, you can choose or compose your own songs and schedule their play time on its mobile app.

We support both iOS and Android apps.
The acceptable versions are as follows:
Android needs to be 5.0 or newer version;
iOS needs to be 9.0 or newer version.

There is no limitation of how many playlists you can create and no limitation on how many songs you can put into one playlist.

The procedures for the first-time use are as follows.
  • Register an account after downloading our Muro Box app.
  • Pair Muro Box device with your smartphone mobile with WIFI, not Bluetooth.
  • Choose the music you want to play on Muro Box from the playlists already in the front page or create your own playlists.
  • When choosing to upload music to create your own playlist, make sure that you have checked the music format is midi and the music range can fit the current Muro Box product: C3-A5 (C4-A6 in American Standard), not including any semitone. If a song contains some notes beyond this range, those notes will be skipped so the music will sound differently.

The songs of Muro Box are stored in the Cloud Music Library. You can edit it and play it on our app before sending it Muro Box. There are two things to check before you upload your songs to our Cloud Music Library.

(1) The formation of song needs to be MIDI
Please make sure that your file is MIDI.
What’s MIDI?

(2) The scale of your song is compatible to Muro Box

According to the Music Instrument Digital Interface(MIDI), the scale of Muro Box is between C3 to A5 (C4-A6 in American standard). Please notice that the first generation of Muro Box doesn’t contain the semitone.

(3) We set up the maximum duration/length per song is 30 minutes long to prevent your cellphone overload.

(4) Muro Box can play as fast as 4 beats per second for the same note, which is consecutive eight notes at BPM 120. The basic unit of notes in Muro Box is eighth note (quaver). Muro Box allows 7 notes to be plucked at the same time as the maximum.

If you need customized music composing service to play on Muro Box, please contact us by email or Facebook.

Muro Box needs electricity to play music. The product package will contain a 12V DC power supply, and we will provide the correct power cord to our backers according to their shipping country. Please notice that Muro Box is a highly-sensitive electronic instrument. To avoid the damage in circuit, please only use the adapter provided by Muro Box.

Due to the restriction of hardware, the first generation of Muro Box can only connect with one device (phone). If you would like to change the device connected with it, please follow the pairing instruction in your app.

We provide 1-year limited warranty, which applies on the body of Muro Box but not include the attachments. The warranty period starts from the first time you pair your Muro Box with a smart phone to activate its service. This warranty covers only defects in material or workmanship under normal use during the warranty period. Please also notice that warranty will be void once you open the body of Muro Box.

We also provide 3-year limited maintenance. Shipping and handling charges may apply except where prohibited by applicable laws. This limited product warranty is valid only where the products are sold by our company or through its authorized retailer or local agent.