About the Founders

Dr. Feng and Dr. Tsai is a couple who have received their Ph.D. degrees in the United States and decided to integrated their expertise in engineer and education to run a startup. “Use technology to connect people’s hearts” is their vision because they believe that technology should bring people not only convenience in life but also care between each other.

They named their company “Tevofy Technology Ltd.” because TEVOFY stands for the initials of the following keywords: Toy, Education, Voice, Fun, and Young. They originally wanted to invent a smart toy that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) enhanced voice commands to engage young kids for learning. They even designed a company logo for Tevofy based on their lovely pet bird’s image, a diamond dove. However, they realized that the toy market is hard to enter as a technology startup with limited resources. Eventually, they decided to search for new product ideas that have a higher technical barrier and fewer competitors.

They started the idea of modifying a music box because it recalled their love memory of exchanging student life in Austria. Dr. Tsai bought a music box playing Mozart’s song, “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik” when they visited the residence of Mozart in Saltzberg...(Read more about the origin of Muro Box)

Muro Box is a smart music box which can play infinite songs. One music box plays all of your memories. The name, Muro Box, stands for “Music Robot in a Box” because it explains how Dr. Feng, as an engineer guy, developed a programmable robot inside a music box to control which song to play at what time.

To bring this concept into reality, they decided to move back to their home country, Taiwan, where there are music box manufacturers and hardware supply chains. Dr. Feng as a Ph.D. in electrical engineer learned everything required for making the Muro Box on his own. From software to hardware, from mechanics to electronics, from music to marketing, Dr. Feng has conquered many challenges to win people’s trust and respect after two years of effort... (Read more about his product development journey.)

As his best partner to cover everything unrelated to technology and engineer, Dr. Tsai also learned many things from trials and errors. She was an English teacher before her current CEO role in the company. Because Muro Box is like the child inheriting their shared memories, Dr. Tsai even quite her academic career for supporting Dr. Feng to bring it into life. Without any formal training, she successfully ran a crowdfunding campaign on zeczec.com, a crowdfunding platform based in Taiwan, and received 205 million NTDs funding. (Read more about the design process of Muro Box.)

Music boxes are often bought as gifts for the important ones. For a long time, people have wished that the music box can play any song they love. In order to make the wish come true, they invested more than three years in designing Muro Box. By retaining the traditional mechanical movement but upgrading it with modern technology, they invented the world’s first app-controlled music box, Muro Box. They hope that Muro Box will be the best gift for your loved ones.

Company Introduction

Company Name | Tevofy Technology Ltd.
Date of Establishment | 2016/03/29.
Founders | Chen-Hsiang Feng & Shiao-Chen Tsai

Company Introduction

- Started the idea of Muro Box from scratch
- Visited music box stores and factories in Taiwan

- Muro Box Facebook Page Established
- The first protoptype of Muro Box was born

- Started Production Stage
- The first crowdfunding success on ZecZec (341%Funded, 2 million NTDs)

- The second crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo (Coming Soon)